The Winter Session of the Dayalbagh Science of Consciousness (DSC 2021) is a virtual congregation of the contemporaries from across the globe organized by the Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI) (Deemed to be University) Agra-282005, India., along with its sponsoring body the Radhasoami Satsang Sabha, Dayalbagh. Aligned to its vision, DEI is pursuing excellence in the area of Consciousness, Agriculture and Entrepreneurship. Since inception, Consciousness Studies has been core to our educational framework.

Our indulgence towards a Science of Consciousness through Commentaries and discussions internationally, took a leap forward in  2008 with the National Systems Conference organized by the Systems Society of India. The chapter of ‘East-West Forum’ by DEI as a part of ‘The Science of Consciousness’ (TSC) conference series since 2012, organized by the University of Arizona, Tucson, USA, was yet another milestone in the endeavour. The East-West forum chapter of TSC was organised by DEI for 5 years, ever since in every subsequent TSC (2012-2018) events. Thus, began the journey and today, DEI holds an independent bi-annual conference series, DSC, that began in 2019 with its first International event held in August at the University of Waterloo, Canada and an International (virtual) event that was held at Agra, India in May this year. The virtual international event (in May 2020) had a participation of about 100 thousand from 21 countries. The forthcoming Winter Session of DSC 2021 event is scheduled on the 1st of January 2021, the day we celebrate as the ‘Education Day’ at DEI.


Research in Consciousness at the Dayalbagh Educational Institute is spearheaded and mentored by Rev. Prof. Prem Saran Satsangi, an internationally acclaimed technologist and systems engineer and the Eighth Spiritual Leader of the Radhasoami Faith, Dayalbagh. Prof. Satsangi’s approach Towards Evolutionary Arts, Science and Engineering (TEASE) of Consciousness emphasizes on integrating inner experience with the epistemology of natural sciences, i.e. scientific methodology. Over the years, it has developed into an “Omni-quantum theory for spiritual consciousness system modelling in cosmology” (Satsangi P.S., 2011, CONCENT 2011) that explains the importance of the inner experience and provides an alternative way to study the macrocosmic phenomena. Rather than soaring into space in search of macrocosmic secrets, one turns inward and discovers the secrets, otherwise not revealed in the world outside. 

This Winter session of the DSC brings together luminaries from diverse fields namely, Dr. Phillip Goff, author of the best-selling book Galileo’s Error, Dr.Andrews Davies, Director of the Edward Cadbury Centre, University of Birmingham, Dr Bruce Damer, Originator of the alternative theory on the Origin of Life and Prof. Subir Sachdev, Herschel Smith Professor of Physics at Harvard University. This virtual event will hold a panel discussion on the approaches aligned to TEASE and poster session by undergrad students.

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