Cymatics : Making Visible The Wonderful World of Sound and Music

Ami Parashar and Anubha Parashar

Elements of Human Consciousness and Realisation of Infinite Spiritual Reservoir

Ami Parashar

Design and Development of an AI based Expert system for Science Students and its effect on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and Creative Insight (CI)

Shiwani, Meenu Singh and D. K. Chaturvedi

Building Conscientious Leadership and Its impact

Swami Satchidanand Prasad Satyavolu and Patvardhan C

Effect of Garbh Sanskar therapy on pregnancy

Gur Devi Srivastava and Anju Bhatnagar

An Experimental Validation of Meditation Practiced in Radhasoami Faith with Music Imagery on Various Brain Centers Using MEG – A Case Study

Hans Raj Kandikonda and Maharaj Kumari Kandikonda

Moral Intensity among Business Managers and Business School Graduates: An Empirical Analysis.

Madhuri Malhotra

The Predictive Role of Consciousness Quotient in Determining Working Memory of University Students

Sonali Gupta, Ovidiu Brazdau and Sona Ahuja

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