NSC, 2021

Oral Presentations

Consciousness and Biological Systems

Modeling and validation of a stable membrane for optimizing the delivery of therapeutic molecules into the biological system

Archi Gupta, Surbhi Mahajan and Amla Chopra

Theoretical Analysis of Optogenetic Control in Step-function Opsin with Ultra-high Light Sensitivity (SOUL)-expressing Neurons

Gurpyari Rajput, Himanshu Bansal and Sukhdev Roy

The Topography of Heaven and Hell: A Systems Approach to a Study of Sin, Suffering and Redemption in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Eastern Philosophy (Traditional And Modern Faith)

Gur Pyari Jandial

Calibration of off-the-shelf low-cost wearable EEG headset for application in field studies for children

Manvi Jain and Dr C.M. Markan

Insilico analysis of differentially expressed genes in maternal placenta and cord blood samples of smokers and non-smokers: a cue from a case study for intervention of health and well being sustainability goals

Swanti Gupta and Amla Chopra

Education Systems

Technology - Based Intervention on Geometric Skills and its Effect on Verbal and Visual Memory of Preschoolers

Nisha Mahaur, Sona Ahuja and Sonali Gupta

Extractive Lecture Summarization System Using Evolutionary Algorithms – Optimizing Word, Sentence and Text Features

Binathi Bingi and Lotika Singh

IFAS: A Deep Learning Model for Instant Formative Assessments

Sadhana Singh, Arun Chauhan and Lotika Singh

Modulation of Neurotransmission by Educational Intervention: Impact on Cognitive System

Abhilasha D and Amla Chopra

Towards Creating a Thriving Environment for Women at Work - Promoting Psychosocial and Economic Interests of the Country

Shweta Prasad and Swarnika Mehar

Environment Systems

Self Powered and Self Sustained Energy Systems: Energy Autonomy in the Internet-of-Things Systems

Ankit Mittal and Aatmesh Shrivastava

Sustainable agricultural system for field and crop monitoring using a drone and NOIR camera

Kaamil Verma, Suratvant Verma and Shikha Verma

Prediction of Ozone using meteorological and precursor parameters with Neural Networks

Harsh Kumar Jangir, Prof. C. Vasantha Lakshmi and Prof. K. Maharaj Kumari

Intelligent Controller based Active Harmonic Current Compensator for Information Technology Industry

Thirumoorthi P., Premalatha K., Mathankumar M. and Shobhana E.

Formulating Maintenance Order Completion Strategy for Uninterrupted Supply of Potable Water using System Dynamics Approach

Pradyuman Verma

Healthcare Systems

Efficient and Economical DenseNet for Automatic Identification of COVID-19 from X-Ray Images

Soniya, Lotika Singh and Sandeep Paul

Sustainable and Affordable Lower Limb Prosthetics for Health Care Systems

Dheeraj Kumar Angajala, Ankit Sahai and Rahu Swarup Sharma

Low-Power and High-Frequency Optogenetic Retinal Prosthetics with ChRmine

Himanshu Bansal, Neha Gupta and Sukhdev Roy

Prakash Care Network: An Emerging System of Sustainable Primary Eye Care

Ajay Kumar Chawariya and Priti Gupta

A Prototype of Recommender System for Cardiovascular Disorders using Electrocardiogram signals

Anurag Verma, Sitaram Jana, Saksham Mishra, Shubham Mehra, Rahul Kumar and Shivam Rawat

Information and Communication Systems

A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for solving the Longest Common Subsequence Problem

Prem Prakash Vuppuluri and Patvardhan Chellapilla

Deep Feature Compression Based Ensemble Model Towards Content Based Image Retrieval

Rohan Raju Dhanakshiriur and Prem Kumar Kalra

Downlink Throughput and SINR Analysis of a mmWave 5G MIMO System in an Urban Environment

Swarnima Jain, Goutam Kumar and C.M. Markan

Interpretation of Machine Learning Models for Driver Behavior using LIME Technique

Mehar Srivastava and Sandeep Paul

A Hierarchical Multimodal Perception Framework for Intelligent Systems

Dhruv Bhandari and Sandeep Paul

Mathematical Systems

Graph Theoretic analysis of Effective brain Connectivity networks in ultra-transcendental meditation

Geeta Prem Chandoo Damisetti and C M Markan

Meta Game theoretic analysis of standard “real world”game theoretic problems

Swati Singh, Dayal Pyari Srivastava and Chellapilla Patvardhan

Identifying Correlation dimension of non-linear time series obtained from MEG data

Mansi Tarani and C.M. Markan

A Comparative Study of Causal Curves and Endless Causal Curves in Spacetime

Gunjan Agrawal and Shruti Sinha

Sequential and Limit Point Compactness for A-Topology

Gunjan Agrawal and Soami Sinha