NSC, 2021

Poster Presentations

Optimization of Resource Allocation Problems in 5G Network Systems using Nature Inspired Algorithms -A Survey

Voore Subba Rao, Dr. K Srinivas and Dr. R.S. Pavithr

A Schematic of Global Consciousness System for Sustainable Future

Ami Parashar

R.S.Sabha Gaushala - A Sustainable Dairy Management System

Soami Dayal Singh and Prakhar Mehra

Vibration analysis and ride comfort in e-rickshaw

Rachana Verma and Skylab P Bhore

Anomaly Detection Using a Fuzzy K-Means Algorithm

Avadh Kushwaha


Vaishali Bhatnagar and Lotika Singh

Dayalbagh’s Evolutionary Spiritual Consciousness Framework: An open system transforming to a hybrid system

Swati Idnani, Suresh Idnani, Sneha Idnani and Pushpa Idnani

Historical perspective of Artificial Intelligence based Expert system

Shiwani, Meenu Singh and D.K. Chaturvedi

A Note on Fine Topology

Gunjan Agrawal and Deepanshi

Dynamics of Jet Engines: A Study of the evolution and changing nature of Jet engines

Nidarsh Prajay and Bharath M N