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Ragging is a punishable offence at DEI. Each prospective student is expected to give an undertaking that he/she is fully aware of the law regarding prohibition of ragging. The form is at Annexure-1. In addition, an undertaking as at Annexure-2 is to be signed by the parent.  Besides, the following specific Anti-Ragging measures are adopted by the Institute:

(i)      The Chief Proctor of the Institute, along with the Proctors and Chief Wardens of hostels shall constitute the Anti-Ragging Committee. The Director shall be the Chairman of this committee. The committee will counsel senior students with a view to curb ragging.

(ii)    The Director shall constitute an Anti-Ragging squad consisting of the Chief Proctor and Faculty Members to do mobile patrolling during break, and at the start and the end of the day.

(iii)   Night checks are carried out at the junior students’ hostels.

(iv)  Prominent posters are displayed at all vantage points of the Institute regarding the Anti Ragging Policy of the Institute.

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