About Us

The Computer Centre was started in February 1987 with a small setup of six PCs and a Mini Computer. The activities and the facilities of the Centre have grown over years and today it is equipped with sixty six PCs connected with State of Art Internet connectivity of National Knowledge Mission's Knowledge Network, providing 1 giga bits per second linkage to all the global resources and Indian Universities.

The Centre provides laboratory facility for Information technology related classes of various certificates, diplomas, undergraduate and post graduate of faculty of Arts, Commerce, Education, Science, Social Sciences in addition to various vocational courses for students of Technical College and Women Polytechnic. Special courses are organized for  unemployed youth by the Alumni Association. The Centre also organizes special course for new entrants to the University and special courses for Science and Engineering students are organized on latest fields of development like Android and Windows Application Development.

The other activities of the centre include development of Software for various functions of the University, management of Campus LAN & Internet linkages and leased lines to satellite campuses. The Centre staff is actively involved in solving day to day problems related to Information Technology. The Centre also provides facility to conduct online recruitment tests by Organization like Headstrong,  TCS, Bluestar, SAP etc.