Vocational Training Courses

The Dayalbagh Educational Institute has begun to enrich the educational atmosphere in our country through the launch of vocational training Certificate Courses such as Motor Vehicle Mechanic (now running at Dayalbagh (UP), MTV Puram (TN), Ludhiana (Punjab), Timarni (MP)); Modern Office Management and Secretarial Practice (running at Delhi); and Textile Designing and Printing (running at Delhi).

Here the objective is to be able to provide vocational training to persons who have dropped out of school or discontinued education for economic reasons or are jobless, such that they can learn enough to get immediate employment, or to be able to go ahead and set up small scale units at home, and thus begin to earn their livelihood. In other words, in this programme we will train people in vocational skills for which there is a demand in order to mitigate economic hardship, particularly of unemployed youth in remote areas and tribal people in backward regions, and to further the cause of women's empowerment.

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