Two Decade Strategic Plan 2012-2031

The DEI Strategic Plan is comprehensive, bold, and action oriented. The plan embodies the spirit of “Why not?” It is a road map for providing an environment in which we will produce quality students who are well-rounded men and women ready to take on challenges and be leaders with a blend of top quality academics, work-experience, and a strong value system. It is a plan that will transform the institution by setting high goals, raising expectations, increasing accountability, and energizing the community.

Our plan is transformational.

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Highlights of Strategic Plan 2012-2031 PPS

Genesis and Broad Goal

Genesis and Broad Goal - In 1981, the Government of India accorded Dayalbagh Educational Institute the status of a Deemed University which brought to culmination the start of an exemplary system of education founded in the form of the Radhasoami Educational Institute Middle Schoolin 1917, by the August founder of Dayalbagh Sir Sahabji Maharaj Anand Swarup.

He mandated that the purpose of educational institutions in Dayalbagh would be to “…raise the general level of intelligence of our teeming millions, create in its future generations the habit of clear and deep thinking…” and to produce a community “…every member of which shall know his duty and do his duty…willing to live a life dedication, a life of service...” .

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