Two Decade Strategic Plan 2012-2031

The DEI Strategic Plan is comprehensive, bold, and action oriented. The plan embodies the spirit of “Why not?” It is a road map for providing an environment in which we will produce quality students who are well-rounded men and women ready to take on challenges and be leaders with a blend of top quality academics, work-experience, and a strong value system. It is a plan that will transform the institution by setting high goals, raising expectations, increasing accountability, and energizing the community.

Our plan is transformational.

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Highlights of Strategic Plan 2012-2031 PPS

Teaching Excellence, Cooperative Education and Research

All undergraduate programmes will be enhanced extensively and regularly for currency and quality of curriculum and flexibility (including credit pacing), along with revitalization of the Institute-wide Core Programme. Regular top-level reviews of all programmes will be initiated along with the establishment of a Centre for Teaching Excellence.

A top priority will be the doubling or even tripling of its current faculty strength through regular appointments, retention of Emeritus Professors, contractual appointments, and appointment of Adjunct Faculty from industry. Opportunities for student scholarships and Fellowships at all levels from UG to the Post-doctoral level are to be provided to help the needy on one hand, and to attract the best students on the other.  In a bold initiative to weave education with on-the-job experience to enhance employability, the Institute will introduce the Cooperative Programmealong the lines of the University of Waterloo model. The plan incorporates the setting up of a Co-operative Education & Career Services Centre whichwill liaison closely with students, faculty, employer concerns, and alumni to facilitate the programme.  The Co-op programme will enable students to be employed in industrial establishments every other term, dramatically enhancing their job skills with live training, while providing them with the enriched academic inputs while on the campus. Our Undergraduate Research Programme provides enterprising students with opportunities to work closely with expert faculty in cutting-edge research laboratories, exposing them to the latest technologies, enhancing their ability to think independently, lead design groups, and bring out their best creative thinking. The Strategic Plan will widen the scope of these programmes across all Departments of the Institute. On the anvil is an overhaul of our Ph.D. programme for quality enhancement.

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