Supporting Documents

Document Validation & Verification (DVV) Clarifications

2. Profile

   2.2 Accreditation Details

             Cycle1: NAAC Peer Team Report 2005

             Cycle 2: NAAC Peer Team Report 2013

 3. Extended Profile

   3.1 Number of Departments Offering Acdamic Programs

   3.3 Number of Full Time Teachers Year Wise : PDF   EXCEL

4. Quality Indicator Frame Work(QIF)

    Criterion-Wise Inputs:

 Criterion 1: Carricular Aspects

1.1.2  Programs with Syllabus Revison

Academic Council Minutes

Board of Studies Meeting Reports


1.1.3  Courses Having Focus on Employability


1.2.1 New Courses Introduced

Academic Council Minutes

Board of Studies Meeting Reports

GB Meeting Minutes_Approval for New programs

1.2.2 Programms with Choice base Credit System

Board of Studies Meeting Reports

1.3.4  Students Undertaking Internships

Internship Additional Details _Footware

Internship Certificates BTech_Footware.pdf

Internship Certificates BVOC Dairy

Internship Certificates BVOC Textiles

Internship Certificates B.VOC Renewable Energy III year

Internship Certificates BVOC Dairy 2 Sem

Internship Certificates Internet of Things

Internship Certificates B.Tech Civil II Year

Internship Certificates B.Tech Civil III Year

Internship Certificates B.Tech Civil IV Year

Internship Certificates B.Tech Electrica

Internship Certificates B.Ed & M.Ed.

Internship Certificates MBA

Training certificate B.Voc Apparel Design

Training certificates_BVOC Food Processing and Preservation  4th sem

Training certificates_BVOC Food Processing and Preservation  6th sem.

Program wise List of Students Participated in the Interships or Field Projects.

1.4.1-Feedback Action Taken Report GB Minutes Copy.

Criterion 2: Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

2.1.1 List of students




ENROLLED_STUDENTS_LISTS without PhD-2017-2018.

PhdContList Mar 2017-Sept 18-State wise.

PhdContList Sep2016-Feb 17 State-wise.

PhdContList Sep2018-Feb19 State-wise.

PhD List 2013-14 Within and Outside State.

List of PhD Students 2014-15.State-wise.

2.4.1 Full time teachers against sanctioned posts during the last five years

Teaching faculty during last 5 years.

Appointment letters.

Supplementary Data.

2.4.3 Supplementary Data

2.5.4 Impact of Reforms in Examination Procedures.

2.5.5 Examination Manual.pdf

2.6.3 Llist of Programmes and number of students passed and appeared in the final year examination

Pass Percentage.

Supporting Document-NACC- Number of outgoing  final year students  2017-18.

2.7.1 Combined PhD Scholars Data.pdf

Criterion 3: Research, Innovations and Extension

3.1.1 DEI Research Promotion Policy-July-2018.

3.1.1 GB Minutes-DEI Res Prom.Policy.

3.1.3 Offer letter to Arun.

3.1.3 Sukhdev Roy ICTP Research Associateship.

3.1.5 University Facilities.

3.4.1 DEI-Code of Ethics to Check Malpractices and Plagiarism in Research.

3.4.1 Gazette Plagiarism Policy - Academic-Integrity-Regulation2018.

3.4.1 GB-Minutes-Plag Policy OLd.

3.4.1 New Policy Plag Approval.

3.4.1 DEI-Code of Ethics to Check Malpractices and Plagiarism in Research.

3.6.4 Extension Activities.

3.7.2 Linkages with Industries

Linkages with Indistry Part_1

Linkages with Indistry Part_2

Criterion 4: Infrastructure and Learning Resources

4.1.3 ICT Enabled Facilities.

4.2.3 e-Journals.

4.2.4 Proceedings of Library Commiittee Meetings.

4.2.6 Log Book Five Days.

4.2.7 eContent developed at DEI by teachers.

4.3.4 Facilities for E-Content Development.

Criterion 5: Student Support and Progression

5.1.1 Average Percentage of Students benefitted by government schemes.

5.1.2 Average Percentage of Students benefitted by other than government schemes.

5.1.3 Number of Capability enhancement and development schemes.

5.1.4 Average Percentage of Students benefitted by guidance for competative exams.

5.1.5 International Students, Programs and Partnerships.

5.1.6 Grievance Minutes.

5.2.1 Average Percentage of Placement of Outgoing students.

5.2.2 Percentage of Student Progression to higher education.

5.2.3 Average Percentage of Students qualifying in state national international level exams.

5.3.3 Average no of sports and cultural activities organized by institute.

5.4.2 Alumni contribution during last five years.

5.4.3 Number of alumni association chapters meetings.

        DEI Alumni Association Annual Report - 2014

        DEI Alumni Association Annual Report - 2015

        DEI Alumni Association Annual Report - 2016

        DEI Alumni Association Annual Report - 2017

        DEI Alumni Association Annual Report - 2018

        Notice for AGM 01.01.14

        Notice for AGM 01.01.15 

        Notice for AGM 01.01.16      

        Notice for AGM 01.01.17

        Notice for AGM 01.01.18     

Criterion 6: Governance, Leadership and Management

         6.5.4 Quality Assurance Initiatives

Criterion 7: Institutional Values and Best Practices

7.1.1 Contribution to local Community.

7.1.3 Environmental Consiousness.

7.1.7 Green Practices

         Solar Energy initiatives in DEI.

         Swachh Campus Book 2018.

7.1.13 DEI Core Values

7.1.16 Code of Professional Ethics-UGC Regulations-2010

7.1.16 Gazette Notification No-285-UGC University Regulations-2016

7.2 Best Practice-II

BUSINESS ADVISORY CLINIC Report  September  26   2017.

All MoUs

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