The philosophy of DEI's outreach programme which represents a major social service initiative of the University embodies the following broad based objectives:
  • To provide need based education: enhancing the employability of persons who are educated but not finding employment or who have lost employment; and also enhancing the employability of uneducated/undereducated youth.
  • To target geographically remote and backward areas with vocational training programmes.
  • To offer education on a no-profit basis.
  • To remain aligned with the National Programme for upliftment of underprivileged and backward societies and the empowerment of women.
  • To inculcate Indian culture and values in youth through specialized programmes to metropolitan areas in India and abroad.
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Vocational Training Courses

The Dayalbagh Educational Institute has begun to enrich the educational atmosphere in our country through the launch of vocational training Certificate Courses such as Motor Vehicle Mechanic (now running at Dayalbagh (UP), MTV Puram (TN), Ludhiana (Punjab), Timarni (MP)); Modern Office Management and Secretarial Practice (running at Delhi); and Textile Designing and Printing (running at Delhi).

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Academic Courses Pertaining to Indian Culture and Value Based Education

The Institute has also expanded its distance learning programmes to cover academic teaching, especially in value based subjects. This will help in greater understanding and tolerance of different cultures based on the ideal of the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man, while inculcating the willingness to serve mankind and to work with ones own hands.

D.E.I. has a School of Languages where children can opt to learn more than one language of their choice from among Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Urdu, Oriya, Punjabi, French, and Russian. D.E.I. also has a well established and highly reputed Department of Music in addition to a Music Centre that teaches Indian music to children. In addition, "Indian Culture" and "Comparative Study of Religion" are integrated into the D.E.I. curriculum as core subjects. These latter subjects are imperative to study from the point of view of keeping students moored to a value and tolerance based system of which Indians are proud. Such courses are especially relevant for children of N.R.I.'s born and brought up abroad who have no exposure to Indian Culture and are far removed from Indian values and religious traditions. More recently, D.E.I. has introduced a Post Graduate Diploma in Theology in the Department of Sanskrit and Culture, which now runs at two remote learning Centers in the USA: New York and Chicago. Courses on Indian Culture and Values, Indian Music, and Spoken English are slated for All-India launch during this AcademicĀ  Year.

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