National Systems Conference on Super Intelligent Machines and Man

Technical Sponsored by IEEE, U.P. Section

(Updated on Sept.2, 2017 )

NSC is an annual event of the Systems Society of India (SSI) devoted to strengthening the systems movement and its applications. The first NSC was organized in 1973 to help create awareness of system engineering methodologies among planners, designers, builders and operation managers. NSC provides a forum for sharing knowledge and disseminating research findings. This year, the 41st National Systems Conference is being organized at Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI), Dayalbagh, Agra.

About the conference

  • Computers can now fly planes, deliver goods and parcels and drive cars. Computer algorithms anticipate our needs and decide which advertisements to show us. Machines create news stories without human intervention. Computers routinely trump humans in a number of complex games. Machine intelligence, along with the convergence of genetic engineering, quantum and nano technologies, has opened the doors to a new world. Scientists and philosophers alike are concerned about the potential implications of this emerging landscape, and wonder whether empowerment of super-intelligent machines may overpower human beings. It is our hope that NSC 2017 will help to throw light on this by facilitating a systemic cross fertilization of ideas, and stimulating interaction between various Systems research entities.

  • Proposed Sub Themes

    Intelligent Systems
    Machine Learning
    Soft Computing
    Quantum & Nano Information Systems
    Man-Machine Intelligent interfaces
    Values & Quality for Systems of System
    Smart Cities
    Rural Economic Zones to International Markets
    Nano- and Micro-enterprise Systems and e-commerce
    Social and Systems Engineering Specific applications in the following areas:
    Water & Waste management
    Environmental Systems
    Control System
    Aerospace Systems
    Defence Systems
    Energy Systems
    Robotics & Drones
    Green Transportation Systems
    Bio-medical Instrumentation Systems
    Engineering Systems
    Life Sciences & Physical Sciences Systems
    Socio-Economic, Commerce & Business Systems
    Humanities, Educational & Literary Systems
    Human Performance & Meditation
    Consciousness/Wisdom/Intuition-based Systems
    Super-person & Machine Intelligence

    Panel Discussion

    A panel discussion on Possibility of super-intelligent machines possessing values and quality is proposed, with national international participants drawn from academia, government, industry and the public.