Indo-Canadian-American Quantum and Nano Computing Conclave (QANCLAVE 2007) : December 22, 2007

DayalbaghEducational Institute hosted the Indo-Canadian-American Quantum and Nano Computing Conclave (QANCLAVE 2007) [2] in collaboration with University of Waterloo as the Canadian partner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology as the American partner and IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur as Indian partners. University of Waterloo is one of the leading institutes in the field with a dedicated Institute for Quantum Computing which has been conducting workshops and summer schools in the field since several years with Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics, Waterloo as a partner. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the leading engineering school in the world with cutting-edge work in progress in the Quantum and Nano Computing fields. QANCLAVE brought on a common platform leading researchers and scientists from India, Canada and United States and immensely benefited their mutual Science & Technology cooperation,

particularly in promoting education and awareness about the emerging futuristic computer technologies.

The DEI-IIT Kanpur-IIT Delhi linkages through MoUs and international participation through MIT and University of Waterloo in QANCLAVE 2007 imparted an altogether new dimension to this dynamic programme.

The speakers included Dr. Scott Aaronson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA, Dr. Jonathan Walgate, Perimeter Institute at Waterloo, Dr. Jean Christian Boileau, University of Toronto, Dr. Debabrata Goswami and Prof. Prem Kalra, IIT Kanpur, Dr. Prem Kalra, IIT Delhi besides Prof. C. Patvardhan, Dr. Sukhdev Roy, Dr. C.M. Markan and Dr. Vishal Sahni from DEI. It was attended by nearly 250 delegates from all corners of the country as well as abroad.