Dayalbagh Educational Institute has partnered with premier institutions across continents not only to provide a wide-ranging exposure to its students but also to imbibe global best-practices in its model of education. This report briefly presents some models for international collaborations undertaken at the Institute, with select examples. 

With many world-class international institutions realizing the responsibility of educational institutions as solution-providers to global challenges such as food security, sustainable development and global peace, DEI comes across as a natural partner. The international collaborations at DEI therefore continue to grow rapidly. Some international agreements that DEI entered or renewed in the last five years include University of Waterloo, Canada, Michigan State University, USA, Kiel University, Germany, Seneca College, Canada, National Institute of Materials Science, Japan, University of Arkansas, USA, University of Manitoba, Canada, etc. Several other agreements are currently being discussed and a few others, such as those with Fiji National University, Fiji and the University of New England, Australia have already been agreed to be signed in August, 2019. 

This website only presents a few of the many examples where international collaborators and visitors have found a strong value, leading to an unwavering desire to partner with DEI on addressing societal issues, with a special focus on reaching out to the last, the least, the lowest and the lost. With the development of international partnerships at DEI marked with distinction and magnificence, DEl continues to devote itself to current and future challenges with aplomb and certitude, keeping up to its lofty ideals.