1. ASU MWCNTs and Cu2O sensitized TieFe2O3 photoanode for improved water splitting performance.
  2. CQI Consciousness Quotient Inventory administration on adolescents- difficulty level assessment.
  3. Kiel A New QEA Computing Near-Optimal Low Discrepancy Colorings in the Hypergraph of Arithmetic Progressions.
  4. Kiel Effective Heuristics for the Biobjective Euclidean Bounded Diameter Minimum Spanning Tree Problem.
  5. Kiel Fast Heuristics for Large Instances of the Euclidean Bounded Diameter Minimum Spanning Tree Problem.
  6. Kiel Parallel Heuristics for the Bounded Diameter Minimum Spanning Tree Problem.
  7. Kiel Parallel improved quantum inspired evolutionary algorithm to solve large size Quadratic Knapsack Problems.
  8. Kiel Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm for difficult knapsack problems.
  9. Kiel Solving the 0-1 Quadratic Knapsack Problem with a competitive Quantum Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm.
  10. Kiel Towards the right amount of randomness in quantum-inspired evolutionary algorithms.
  11. Kiel Understanding the Interaction of Escherichia coli with ZnO Tetrapods at Microwave Frequencies.
  12. MSU Adaptive fusion of biometric and biographic information for identity de-duplication.
  13. MSU Biometrics for Child Vaccination and Welfare- Persistence of Fingerprint Recognition for Infants and Toddlers.
  14. MSU Fingerprint Recognition of Young Children.
  15. MSU Giving Infants an Identity- Fingerprint Sensing and Recognition.
  16. MSU Impedance and Magnetohydrodynamic Measurements for Label Free Detection and Differentiation of E. Coli and S. Aureus Using Magnetic Nanoparticles.
  17. MSU Infant-Prints Fingerprints for Reducing Infant Mortality.
  18. NIMS A Brainlike Computer Made of Time Crystal- Could a Metric of Prime Alone Replace a User and Alleviate Programming Forever.
  19. NIMS Detection of Milimeter Wave Properties of Beta Amyloid using Dielectric Filled Truncated Cylindrical Waveguide.
  20. NIMS Wireless Communication Through Microtubule Analogue Device- Noise-Driven Machines in the Bio-Systems.