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Supporting Documents


Part 4.1: Compliance status of Regulations 7 of UGC(ODL) Regulations, 2017 Self-regulation through disclosures, declarations and reports


Declaration by an authorized signatory has been displayed on HEI website authenticating that the documents from sr. no. '2' to '14' have been uploaded on the HEI website?

4.1 (1).


The establishing Act and Statutes there under or the Memorandum of Association, as the case may be or both of the Higher Educational Institution, empowering it to offer programs in Open and Distance Learning mode


Copies of the letters of recognition from Commission and other relevant statutory or regulatory authorities

4.1 (3).


Programme details including brochures or programme guides with information such as name of the programme, duration, eligibility for enrolment, programme fee, programme structure etc.

4.1 (4) Programme details.


Programme-wise information on syllabus, suggested readings, contact points for counseling, programme structure with credit points, programme-wise faculty details, list of supporting staff, list of Learner Support Centres with addresses and contact details, their working hours and counseling schedule etc.


Important schedules or date-sheets for admissions, registration, re-registration, counseling, assignments and feedback thereon, examinations, result declarations etc.


Detailed strategy plan related to On-line course delivery, if any including learning materials offered through On-line and learner assessment system and quality assurance practices of e-learning programmes

4.1 (7) Strategy on online.


The feedback mechanism on design, development, delivery and continuous evaluation of learner performance which shall form an integral part of the transactional design of the Open and Distance Learning mode programmes and shall be an input for maintaining the quality of the programmes and bridging the gaps, if any

4.1 (8) Feedback  Mechanism.


Information regarding any new programmes launched and those proposed for the next two years

4.1 (9).


Data of year-wise or programme-wise student enrolment details and degrees or certificates or diplomas or post graduate diplomas awarded


Complete information about ‘Self Learning Material’ including name of the faculty who prepared it, when was it prepared and last updated, source of Self Learning Material, references of Self Learning Material,


A compilation of questions and answers under the head ‘Frequently Asked Questions” with the facility of ‘on-line’ interaction with learners providing hyperlink support

13.     List of the ‘Learner Support Centres’ along with the number of students Period of the admission process along with the academic session and dates of the term end examinations

List of the ‘Examination Centres’ along with the number of students in each centre who shall appear at any examination centre and details of the Information and Communication Technology facilities available for conduct of examination in a fair and transparent manner

4.1 (14) Examination Centres UPDATED.

Details of documents attached/ uploaded  regarding Part 12

12.7   Prospectus  (2019-20)- Page 183 &Page 184.

12.8    Prospectus- Page 132 & Page 133

12.9    Document Attached: 3rd Amendment to UGC Regulations for Distance Education   2017 (please upload-attached)

12.10  Prospectus Page 52 (Age Limit)

12.12  Prospectus: For UG Programmes-Page 173 onwards. And for PG Programmes-Page 177 onward

12.13 Document  Attached : Staff details and Pay

12.14 Document  Attached : Staff details and Pay

12.16 Documents Attached: Syllabus of UG and PG Programmes

12.17 Document Attached: Academic Calendar