Aims and Objectives

a. To promote interaction amongst the alumni/members and to serve as a link between them and their Alma Mater i.e. various educational institutions of Dayalbagh.

b.  To encourage ex-students of the educational institutions of Dayalbagh to take continuous interest and actively participate in the development and advancement of these institutions.

c.  To work for dissemination in the academic community at large, of value system of Dayalbagh educational institutions, specially the ideals of service to mankind and of fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man.

d.To assist the institutions of Dayalbagh in every way in attaining academic excellence, higher educational standards and developing, organizing and executing their development plans.

e.To assist the students of the institutions through counseling, advisory services and financial support.

f.  To provide financial assistance and any other type of help / assistance to the ex-students of the educational institutions of Dayalbagh who may be pursuing advanced and or further studies in any other institution

g.To organize welfare services for the students and ex-students.

h.To organize academic activities and award prizes for excellence of  work  in any of the educational institutions of Dayalbagh or by any ex-student in any other institute or in any social sphere.

i.   To work towards improvement of educational standards in the educational institutions of Dayalbagh by:

1.      organizing on-site lectures, conferences, symposia, workshops etc. 

2.      purchase of required equipment, machinery, and / or other resources for the use of the institutions

3.      donating / reimbursing money to the educational institutions of Dayalbagh for the purchase of machinery, plant and / or other resources for their use, or for hiring the services of experts

4.      providing other kinds of assistance / resources to the institutions of Dayalbagh to enable them to upgrade, expand, improve, maintain their facilities and hire services of experts and consultants and pay for on-going operating expenses, salaries etc.

j.To organize, from time to time, lectures, conferences, symposia, workshops in different parts of the country, to enhance the students' and ex-students' employment potential, and improve their awareness of career options, without distinction of cast, creed or religion.

k. To likewise establish in any part/s of the country, on a temporary or permanent basis, a training / coaching center / facility, by whatever name called, to facilitate the holding of lectures, conferences, symposia, workshops.

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