The DEI Product

DEI's educational system enables the student to imbibe basic human values, sound ethical and moral principles, and a spirit of tolerance and respect for the religious faiths and beliefs of others. It inculcates dignity of labour, discipline, hard work, selfless service, self-reliance, integrity, honesty, sincerity, cooperation, humility and a spirit of brotherhood of man.

The educational system also helps nurture a scientific temper and enhance awareness of contemporary developments in the fast changing world of technological advancements. It fosters the development of a complete person who is well equipped to meet social and environmental challenges.

The system of teaching lays emphasis on the understanding of fundamentals and basic principles and promotes appreciation of inter-linkages. It focuses on learning by observation, analysis and reasoning rather than the simple acquisition of knowledge. Its innovative methods of teaching, continuous assessment and emphasis on total quality management provide the students with a solid academic foundation. This, intertwined with an enriched value-based educational system, helps the students in standing them in good stead all their lives.

Thus, as a result of DEI's educational system as well as it's ideal location in the tranquil environs of Dayalbagh, DEI students display high emotional and spiritual quotients and are much sought after by recruiters.

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