Community Life at Dayalbagh


The Colony of Dayalbagh, which translates as Garden of the Merciful, was founded on the Basant Day in 1915 by Huzur Sahabji Maharaj, the fifth Revered Leader of Radhasoami Faith by planting a Mulberry tree, as an Ashram or the spiritual home of the followers of the Faith. The headquarters of Radhasoami Satsang Sabha are located here. The colony is laid out in an open garden setting. The land where the colony is established once consisted of sand dunes. For more than 60 years residents of the colony - men and women, young and old - have worked with quiet dedication in a vast programme for reclamation of land launched in 1943 by Huzur Mehtaji Maharaj, the sixth Revered Leader of the Faith. The result is a lush green 1200 acre farm where food-grains, oil-seeds, fodder, and vegetables are grown.

Nobody owns any property in Dayalbagh individually. The land, the houses and institutions all belong to the community as a whole. People also live and work as a community. For example, the residents share various responsibilities like cleaning up the colony and arranging night security. The colony has its own water supply, electricity distribution, and civic services. The colony has its Dairy which meets bulk of the requirement of milk and a Community Kitchen which supplies food free to pilgrims. The residents can also obtain meals from there and free themselves from household chores.

There is an Allopathic hospital which also has a Maternity ward. Facilities exist for Ophthalmic and Dental treatment, Ultra-sound, ECG, and Pathological testing. All consultations and treatment are free for every one. The majority of patients are from outside Dayalbagh. There are Homeopathic and Ayurvedic dispensaries.

Small scale industries known as the Model Industries were established in 1916 to provide employment and a source of livelihood to the persons residing in the colony. It has done some pioneering work in the country. The industries have now been decentralized and cottage scale production of goods of daily necessity is taking place in units set up by Satsangis all over the country.

The Radhasoami Urban Cooperative Bank and the Dayalbagh Mahila Bank cater to the financial requirements of various organizations and individuals in the colony. The Dayalbagh Printing Press prints Holy Books and the two Satsang weeklies, one in English (also available in its e-version) and the other in Hindi.

The day in Dayalbagh begins with congregational prayers, followed by physical fitness exercise and work on the farms and in colony by way of service, where after people go to their respective vocations. The day ends with prayers in the evening.

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