Non-University Institute of Dayalbagh

There has been a social transformation of the community. Literacy among boys and girls is complete. There is no caste system. Marriages are simple. The community is organized through 11 Regional Associations in the country and 3 Associations abroad comprising of over 500 Branches and Centers. There are several schools and dispensaries being run in different parts of the country and intensive tribal welfare and uplift work is being done in district Harda of Madhya Pradesh.






1. Radhasoami High School, Timarni, Madhya Pradesh

2. Schools in Rajaborari Estate, Madhya Pradesh

 i. Radhasoami Adivasi Primary School, Rajaborari

 ii.Radhasoami Adivasi Primary School, Temrubahar

 iii.Radhasoami Adivasi Primary School, Kachnar

 iv.Radhasoami Adivasi Primary School, Kairi

 v.Radhasoami Adivasi Higher Secondary School, Rajaborari

 vi.Radhasoami Adivasi Primary School, Mahagaon

 vii.Radhasoami Adivasi Primary School, Salai

 viii.Radhasoami Adivasi Primary School, Gulardhana

 ix.Radhasoami Adivasi Primary School, Mogradhana

 x.Radhasoami Adivasi Primary School, Dabri

3. Radhasoami Free Aided Elementary School, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

4. Radhasoami Primary School, Melathiruvengadanathpuram, Tamil Nadu

5. Madurai Primary School, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

6. Soami Nagar Pre-Primary School, New Delhi

7. Roorkee Model School, Roorkee, Uttaranchal

8. New Model School, Daudhar, Punjab

9. Chandigarh New Model School, Chandigarh

10. Model Primary School, Dhariwal, Punjab

11. Prem Nagar New Model School, Ludhiana, Punjab

12. Soami Nagar Model School, Delhi

13. Mullanpur New Model School, Mullanpur, Punjab

14. Radhasoami Boys Primary School, Timarni, Madhya Pradesh

15. Radhasoami School, Murar Bihar

16. Satsang Training Employment and Rural Uplift Institute, Murar, Bihar

17. Vocational Training Centres for Adivasi and Other Weaker Sections in Timarni and Rajaborari, Madhya Pradesh

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