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To prepare the DEI student for a global work place, to have the skills* to get the best career opportunities suited to each candidate…be it self-employment or job placement, to ultimately evolve into a complete person, having met basic needs with suitable employment and career advancement.

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* DEI –APAC Courses for Enhancing Job-Placement

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Mode of Instruction

- A blended mode for local DEI students and Jobseekers, using DVD’s of pre-recorded modules, delivered along with:

-  Physical Contact sessions, guided by qualified expert mentors and guest lecturers:

·         Live-Interactive classes via Google Meet, Zoom etc.

·         Role playing and Practice sessions

·         Mock Interviews and Counselling for imparting hard and soft skills

-  Practical and Theory classes for IT Skills

-  Synchronous delivery via Big Blue Button and Google Meet, etc., to Distance Education Study Centres of live sessions and pre-recorded dvd’s.


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Fee Structure

DEI/DEC/ Jobseekers (Local)

Short Courses (of minimum 27 hours): Rs. 150 per course , special for this semester online courses for DEI/DEC local students, with study materials

Workshops: Rs.50 per hour (minimum), approx. Rs. 150 for a 6 hour workshop

Spoken English (special)

Rs. 50 per month with handouts for local DEI students and jobseekers, approx.Rs. 200 per semester

Distance Education Study Centres

Rs. 500 for IT courses (without printed study materials) for DEC students

Spoken English and Selected Workshops

Rs. 25(specially for DEC) without printed study materials, a one- time fees for certification and office expenses

*Fees structure is subject to change…

Application forms* picked up from office will be charged at Rs.5.

*Available on line

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AADEIs and Industry Institute Partnership Cell work in partnership to provide a DEI certificate for courses Organized at AADEIs Continuing Education Centre

·         A Certificate of participation is awarded for the short courses (27 hours minimum), provided the candidate has 75% or above attendance with completion of necessary course activities

·         Selected skill- based workshops of 6 hours or above are also awarded a certificate ifattendance is 100%

·         Although there are no exams to be passed for certification, formative assessments and satisfactory participation is required

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