Making a difference in the lives of the alumni and the quality of education in the Institutions of Dayalbagh

The Alumni of various educational institutions of Dayalbagh feel indebted to their Alma Mater for the education they had received, and the values that they had imbibed as students of these in their formative years. This has enabled them to lead a value-based and successful life. With gratitude and reverence in their hearts, the alumni wish to contribute to the enrichment and enhancement of the quality of education being received by the students in their Alma Mater, in whichever manner possible and also make a contribution to the society at large. Recognizing the fact that such steps would require some financial resources, the alumni of the educational institutions of Dayalbagh had decided to form an Association, THE ASSOCIATION OF ALUMNI OF DAYALBAGH EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS (REGD.) - (AADEIs)  that can help channelise funds to the students and the educational institutions.


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Last Updated on Friday, 28 July 2023 11:24

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