Dr. Prem Saran Tirumalai
Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification -  M.Sc (Applied Microbiology), Ph.D (Molecular Microbiology) 
Department of Botany
Dayalbagh Educational Institute (Deemed University)
Dayalbah, Agra 282 005 (UP), India
Tel.: (0562) 280 1545
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Mob:+91 9410421149


Teaching Courses

  • General Microbiology
  • Microbial Quality Assurance
  • Dairy Microbiology
  • Quality & Safety Monitoring
  • Food safety & Regulatory Issues
  • Industrial Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Quality Management Systems

Incharge, Food & Dairy Testing Lab(FDTL), Department of Botany, Dairy Campus, Dayalbagh Educational Institute.Have established the Microbiological wing, Wet Chemistry and Instrumentation wing of the FDTL

Recent Highlights

  • Training in Commisioning and Operation of Rapid Microbiological Enumeration and Detection System by Biomerieux – VIDAS & TEMPO, a Enzyme Immuno Assay based Rapid Detection System
  • Training in Commisioning and Operation of ‘Extenso’(Unisensor), a Enzyme Immuno Assay based Rapid Detection System for Antibiotic Residue and Mycotoxins in Milk and Milk Products
  • Training in handling HeLa cells at National Institute of Material Science, Tsukuba, Japan

Projects Completed

  • Development of Mobile Milk Testing Unit – on the ‘goMATA’ (on the go Milk Adulteration Testing Assistance)



Research Collaborations

  • Dr.Anirban Bandyopadyay, National Institute of Material Science, Tsukuba, Japan
  • Dr.Seema Kashyap, Department of Home Science, Faculty of Arts, Dayalbagh Educational Institute
  • Prof.K.S.Daya, Department of Physics & Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Dayalbagh Educational Institute

Professional Experience

Research & Teaching

  • Principal Investigator of a research project under the Young Scientist Scheme of the Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. – 3 years
  • Head, Biotechnology & Dean, Training & Development (Dual Role) at the Uttam Group of Institutions (UGI), Runakta, Agra, UP, INDIA. – 1 year

Industry (2000 to 2008)

  • Unit Manager (Quality & Purchase), at Bikanervala Food Pvt Ltd (BFPL), Agra Region.
  • Consultant, Training & Audits, Sinar Jernih India Pvt Ltd –
  • Head (Asst. Manager), Quality Assurance, TajSATS Air Catering Ltd. New Delhi.
  • In-charge Operations, Multilabs & Microbiology Section (Dual Role), SGS India Pvt Ltd., Multilabs Division (3rd party testing facility), Gurgaon
  • Quality Assurance Executive & Regional Microbiologist, TajGVK Hotels, Hyderebad / TajSATS Air Catering Ltd., Delhi. Consecutive posting from Hyderabad to Delhi.

 On going Consultancy

Honorary Consultant, The Hotel & Restaurant Facility Planner - https://sites.google.com/thrfp.com/thrfp/about

Research Profile
Research Interest    
  • Molecular Diagnostics & Biosensing
  • Gut Microbiome
  • Microbial Ecology & Sociobiology of microbes, in particular of biofilm communities.

Presentations & Invited Talks

  1. Possible applications of Nano-silver coatings in the food processing industry to control biofilms at the International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI), Hyderabad, India. dated the 2nd February 2010.
  2. Listeria monocytogenes J0161 responding to competition, as stress, in broth and biofilms with reference to gene expression pattern, 1st to 4th July 2012, the Annual Scientific Meeting and Exhibiton (ASM 2012) at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia.
  3. Microarray Technology & Transcriptomics at Specturm Institute of Science & Technology, Colombo, SriLanka., dated the 11th June 2015.
  4. Mood Swings, Gut Microbes & Food Traditions, 5th to 11th June 2017, The Science of Consciousness (TSC2017) at San Diego, USA.
  5. A Subject of Evolution - Homo spiritualis, 2nd to 7th April 2018, The Science of  Consciousness (TSC2018) at Tucson, USA

Conferences & Workshops

  1. IInd Annual Conference of Indian Association of Applied Microbiologists (Chennai, 2002)
  2. Workshop on Food Microbiology, Science & Application (Hyderabad, 2004)
  3. Annual Scientific Meeting of Australian Society for Microbiology (Brisbane, 2012)
  4. Antimicrobial Workshop – Antimicrobial and Antifungal Resistance : Susceptible Testing – Supplementary and Molecular testing for Multi-Drug Resistance. (Brisbane, 2012).
  5. The Science of Consciousness (TSC2017)(San Diego, USA, 2017)
  6. The Science of Consciousness (TSC2018)(Tucson, USA, 2018)

Contributions to NCBI

  1. Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO), NCBI Submission – 08 Microarray data of L.monocytogenes J0161 – Accession Number – GSE27936.
  2. SRA on Transcriptome analysis, NCBI submission – 01 bio-project, 06 bio-samples of Bacillus subtilis Bacillus licheniformis. Bio-project ID-PRJNA336278

Selected Publications

  • Tirumalai, P. S., & Prakash, S. (2011). Expression of chitinase and chitin binding proteins(CBP’s) by Listeria monocytogenes J0161 in biofilm and co-culture broths. African J Microbiol Res,5, 5188-5193. doi:10.5897/AJMR11.929 
  • Tirumalai, P. S., & Prakash, S. (2012). Antibiotic resistance in co-culture biofilm of Listeriamonocytogenes J0161. American. J. Microbiol, 3, 7-17.
  • Tirumalai, P. S., & Prakash, S. (2012). Expression of virulence genes by Listeria monocytogenesJ0161 in natural environment. Brazilian  J  of Microbiol43(2), 834-843. doi: 10.1590/S1517-83822012000200050. 
  • Sharma, R., Daya, K.S, & Tirumalai, P. S. (2012). Light assisted in-vivo microwave sensing for electrical characterization of prokaryotes. Biophysical Reviews and Letters, 7 (03n04), 219-227. doi:10.1142/S1793048012500105. 
  • Tirumalai, P. S. (2013). Listeriosis and Listeria monocytogenes in India.Wudpecker J FoodTechnol,1(6), 98-103.

Conference Proceedings

  • Oberoi, Sudhi, K. Soami Daya, and Prem Saran Tirumalai. "Microwave sensor for detection of E. coli in water." Sensing Technology (ICST), 2012 Sixth International Conference on Sensing Technology. IEEE, 2012.