Dr. Sanjay Yadav
Guest Faculty 

Teaching Assignment:


Paper Code & Title

Odd Semester

Even Semester

B.Sc.  (Agriculture)

UGR 102: Introductory Biology

UGR 103: Practical of Intro. Biology

UGR 104: Agriculture Heritage

AGE 304: Environmental Science and 

                   Disaster management


B.Sc. (BZ, BC group); B.Sc. (Applied Botany)

ABS 303: Weed Science

ABS 303: Practical of Weed Science

BOM 303: Gymnosperms and Paleobotany

BOM 304: Practical of  Gymnosperms and



BOM 404: Anatomy of Angiosperms

BOM 405: Practical of Anatomy 

BOM: 401 Anatomy of Angiosperms

(B.Voc. Ag. Technology)

VAT: 302

VAT 303: Protection Tech. of Fruit  


VAT 304:

VAT207: Repair and Maintenance of Farm


VAT 406: Farm Machinery & their



EVS 161: Environmental Science

ESC 281: Environmental Science

Area of Research Interest:

  • Crop Physiology: Plant stress Physiology, Plant Bio-regulators 
  • Crop Protection: Allelopathy
  • Plant Tissue culture
  • Ecosystem Studies 

Fellowship and Awards



Organization / Institution



April, 2014 to Sept., 2015

Senior Research Fellow (SRF)

Division of Plant Physiology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi

Analyzing role of zeaxanthin cycle pigments for high temperature tolerance in chickpea


April 2010 to Jan. 2013




UGC(BSR) fellowship in Sc. for meritorious  students

For completion of Ph.D.

15th-19th Dec. 2011


Govt. of India, Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi

Travel Grant

Oral presentation of research paperin the 6th World Congress on Allelopathy & visit South China Ag. University, Guangzhou,China


ProfeProfessional Employment / Administrative Duties



Organization / Institution


August 2018 to till date

Guest Faculty  

Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Dayalbagh, Agra


October 2015- April 2018


Assistant Professor, Controller of Examination (COE)

J.S. University, Shikohabad

H.O.D., Teaching, Research and Administration


Ph.D. Scholar

Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Dayalbagh, Agra

Research and Examination Duties

List of Publications:

  • Shiv Shankar Gautam, Guru Prasad Satsangi, Sanjay Yadav and Vibha Rani Satsangi, “Application of multiwalled carbon nanotubes on the germination and seedling growth of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)” International Journal of Applied Research, 4(11), 106-108, (2018).
  • T. V. Vineeth, Pramod Kumar, SanjayYadav, Madan Pal, "Optimization of bio-regulators dose based on photosynthetic and yield performance of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes."Ind J Plant Physiol, 20(2), pp 177–181 (2015).
  • Pramod Kumar, Sanjay Yadav, Madan Pal, " Role of accessory pigments in high temperature tolerance,"Manual of CSIR sponsored short course, IARI, New Dehi, pp 109-119, (2014).
  • SanjayYadav and G.P.Satsangi,“Allelopathic effect of algal leachates on seed germination and seedling growth of Paddy (Invitro)," Journal of Algal Biomass Utilization, 5 (1), pp 80-84 (2014).
  • G. P. Satsangi andSanjay Yadav, “Response of BGA-Urea Fertigation as N2 Source on Growth Parameters and Yield of Paddy (Oryza sativa L.) in Agra (India),”World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, Vol. 79, pp 266-268, (2013).
  • Sanjay Yadavand G.P. Satsangi, “Effect of Un-Scientific Management of Agricultural Waste on the Growth of Valuable Strains of BGA Isolated from Paddy Fields”, Global Journal of Applied Agricultural Research, Vol.1, pp77-82, (2011).
  • Sanjay Yadav and G. P. Satsangi, ‘‘Treatment of Saline Soil by Application of Cyanobacteria for Green Farming in Dayalbagh”Proceeding of CPHEEP, Springer e-book, Chapter 54, pp 259-260, (2011).
  • Sanjay Yadavand G.P. Satsangi,“Development of in vitro Germination Protocol  for Chemical Mutatation Study of Biodiesel Plant (Jatropha curcus L.)”VEGETOS,Vol. 23(2), pp 33-41, (2010).


  • Pramod Kumar, Madan Pal, Divya Shahand SanjayYadav, "Mung ki fasal me jal jamav ki samasya ka nidan"Kheti, ICAR, pp 14-15, (2014).
  • Pramod Kumar, BS Tomar and Sanjay Yadav, "Coloured fruits and vegetables keep healthy"Indian Horticulture, ICAR, pp 3-6,May- June (2015).

Participation/abstracts published in International Conferences

  • Presented a paper entitled “”Allelopathic Effect of Paddy Straw Leachates on Selected Strains of Isolated BGA Flora from Saline Soil of Agra District (U.P.)”” in 6th World Congress on Allelopathy, organized by International Allelopathy Society, atSouth China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, China, Dec. 15-19, (2011).
  • Presented a paper entitled ‘‘”Treatment of Saline Soil by Application of Cyanobacteria for Green Farming in Dayalbagh””in International Conference CPHEEP, Organized by Department of Chemistry, DEI, Agra, Nov. 4-6, (2011).
  • Presented a paper entitled “”Allelopathic Potential of Selected Weeds Species for Biocontrol of Parthenium hysterophorus L.””at International conference on Parthenium, IARI, Pusa, New Delhi. 6-8 Dec. (2010).
  • Presented a paper entitled “”Application of Cyanobacteria as a Substitute of Nitrogen for Cultivation of Paddy (Oryza sativa L.)””at International Conference REAP, organized by St. Johns Collage, Agra, and 17th –19th Dec. (2009).
  • Participation/ Abstracts published in National Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops
  • Published an  abstract entitled "Paclobutrazol induced water deficit tolerance by protecting photosynthetic machinery in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)” In: Abstract: National Conference of Plant Physiology, at OUAT,Bhubaneswar, 23-25 Nov. (2014).
  • Presented a paper entitled “”Effect of Selected Pesticides on the Growth of Blue Green of Algae””at National Seminar, RBS College, Agra, Jan.(2011).
  • Presented a paper entitled “”Study on Diversity in Succession periods of BGA Genera under Local Environmental Conditions””in National Seminar on Frontiers in environmental Research, Govt. SLP P.G. College, Gwalior, M.P., 18-19 Feb. (2012).
  • Presented a paper entitled “”Allelopathy: As Recent Horizon in Plant Sciences for Biocontrol of weed Problem”” at National Conference on Traditional conservation of Plant biodiversity and Energy resources  vis-à-vis  Biotechnological tools for sustainability, CCS University, Meerut, 25-26 Dec.(2010).
  • Presented a paper entitled “”In vitro Studies on Bio-diesel Plant (Jatropha curcus L.)””at National Workshop on Emerging Horizons of Biofuel& Applications, organized by Botany Dept., RBS Collage, Agra, 25th –27th July (2009).