About Applied Science and Humanities

The Department of Applied Science and Humanities offers students with sound knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Environmental Science.  Department is composed of five Lecturers and one honorary lecturer. All the faculty member are highly qualified and talented. Department extends extra input to the high school based students in the science subjects during zero period. Teachers follow active learning methodology for teaching in which handouts are provided to each student. Faculty members use multimedia facility viz., PC, overhead projector, LCD equipments to teach the students in effective manners as and when required. Department offers Applied Mathematics to the students which are useful in solving real life problems. English communication skills are developed for overall personality development of the students. There are well equipped laboratory of Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry in the department to meet up to the mark requirements of the students. The department also offers unique course in the area of Environmental Science for all the Diploma in Engineering students as per the demand of time and recommendations of higher academic authorities. Currently four projects (DST-1; UGC-1; ISRO-GBP-1 and MHRD-1) of total worth Rs. 1.57 crores are running in the department. Faculty members are encouraged to participate in the conferences/seminars/symposia/faculty development programmes in India and abroad. Faculty members have visited foreign countries viz., Germany, Austria, USA, UK. A number of research papers are published in National and International journals of repute by the faculty of the departments. A book entitled, "Comprehensive Applied Mathematics-I" in the subject of Mathematics is written by faculty and likely to be published in 20013 by well known "IK International" publishing house, Delhi.