About Us

The Diploma in Architecture Assistantship, established in the year 2012, under the D.E.I.  Technical College (Women’s Wing) is an AICTE approved three year Diploma course dealing with the construction and designing of buildings. Currently 60 students are enrolled in the first and second year, and are taught by dedicated teachers satisfying AICTE norms.

Course Details

The courses deal with our relationship to space, form and the environment in a broad sense. Emphasis is on human factors, scale, materials and structures. The courses address professional design problems of a modern scope, which progresses from abstract concepts to analysis through to problem-solving.In the first year the course covers various areas of study including Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, Construction, Graphics, Designing, etc

In the second and third years of study courses including Design, Studio Work, Model making, Computer Graphics, ConstructionWorking Drawing among several other focused courses. Students are also required to undertake field/site work to enrich and broaden their scope of knowledge. In the final year students will also have to complete a project and viva-voce during the final year.

Broad Based Education

The institute’s innovative educational system, “to evolve a complete man”, is a system which imbibes academic excellence, high moral and spiritual values and social sensibilities. In accordance with these ideals, the Diploma in Architectural Assistantship offers a comprehensive, integrated and inter-disciplinary approach to designing buildings and the built environment. Thus, students are afforded an opportunity to get a first rate, broad-based education.

Career Opportunities

Career avenues for candidates are open in Building and construction companies, Design agencies, consulting firms etc. Candidates can work in capacities like Designers, Business Development officers, Architectural Draftsman, Assistant Managers, Project Manager, etc. Aspirants can also choose to specialize in other areas of architecture. Candidates can also purse higher studies like Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Engineering, etc in related fields.