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In order to provide vocational training to students who are academically low performers and to generate skills various sewing related courses are available at the campus.  A sewing related course is introduced at school level for the 9th class students. This course content would generate embroidery skills in the candidates. The embroidery skill can not only become a source of income these days but also is an upcoming mode of self employment. Efficient and appropriate use of the skill can generate value addition on fabrics and garments.

            This course is  followed up by basic sewing and advanced sewing related courses in line with the  NVEQF curriculum for Xth, XIth and XIIth class students. These sewing courses would not only generate stitching skills amongst the candidates but also equip them with designing skills. These courses at school level are meant to explore and ignite the creativity abilities of the candidates.

            A certificate level course of Dress designing and Tailoring of  one year duration is available for Xth pass students at Women’s Polytechnic since 2005. It is intended to introduce designing, sketching and stitching related capabilities in the candidate. The curriculum intends to generate creative abilities of the individual. It includes 30% theory content which would provide a sound conceptual understanding related to fabric manufacturing techniques, fabric testing and business ethics and skills. Areas like marketing fashion and dart manipulation as well as computer aided designing (CAD) have also been included in the course. The 70% practical component involves pattern making and stitching of various children’s clothing, women’s garments and gent’s clothing.          

For the VIIIth pass students another course on “Cutting and Sewing” is floated. It includes relatively simple concepts in the form of 20% theory component. It also consists of stitching a vast range of garments for children. Besides these the practical section includes stitching of various ladies and a few gents clothing. In both these certificate level course 20 students are admitted.

            A two year diploma course of ‘Garment Technology’ is available at Women’s Polytechnic. It includes theory and practical components and it’s curriculum is distributed in four semesters. The course includes basics of sewing skills, sketching, designing garments, pattern making of various kids and adult garment and stitching techniques of these garments. Designing special occupational garments and designing garments using a fashion  software is also a part of this curriculum. The course also gives an exposure to computer aided designing for pattern making. It admits 30 students per batch and minimum qualification for admission is Xth pass. A compulsory industrial summer training of one month is integrated in the course to give industrial exposure to candidates. The placements of passing out batch are also taken care  by the institute.

            Since 2008 the certificate course of ‘Dress Designing & Tailoring’(CDT) has been floated via distance education programe (DEP) of DEI at more than 30 different locations across the country. The course material for this course was prepared in Hindi and is available in written format and in form of audio – video DVD.  Since then the course has been run in the blended mode at various centers every year. In the year 2011Cutting and Sewing (CCS) certificate level course was also floated at 8-9 centers and it’s course material has also been prepared and provided to all centers.

            At present 35 centers are floating CDT while 22 centers are running the CCS course. Besides this a ‘Dual Certificate’ where in a candidate would be able to get both the certificates (CDT & CCS) within one year has been floated since 2013 at 8 different centers via the  distance mode. The basic purpose of introducing sewing courses via distance mode is  to impart by skills to  the weaker students at there doorstep hence no age bar and a low fee structure has been followed.

            Besides these 3 independent modules related to sewing  are available  at 3 centers. They are  of 2½ month duration and  are on sewing and embroidery. These modules  are meant to impart basic sewing as well as children’s garment stitching skills to the candidates.