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DEI Uniform, Scholarships, and Discipline

DEI Uniform

Students are required to wear the prescribed uniform. Failure to do so may result in fine and/or loss of marks in discipline, or disciplinary action.

For Summer:
Girls -
White Kurta, white salwar, white dupatta or white saree.
Boys -
White shirt and grey trousers.
For Winter: (Over and above summer dress)
Girls -
Grey cardigan/shawl.
Boys -
Navy-blue Blazer/Grey Pullover


The Institute and charitable Institutions award various types of scholarships, loans and loan scholarships to poor, meritorious and certain other categories of students. Application for such scholarships and loans can be recommended provided the applicant's conduct and progress in studies are good. In case of unsatisfactory progress or if the conduct is undesirable, the scholarships, stipends or loans are liable to be stopped.


(1) The Institute places highest importance on the maintenance of discipline, cultivation of good manners and inculcation of the habits of regularity and punctuality.

(2)  Students are expected to be regular in attending classes and studies. The names of such students, who remain absent continuously for more than 15 days without any application are liable to be removed from the rolls unless there were sufficient grounds for such absence acceptable to the Institute.

(3) Neglect and inattention to studies, undesirable conduct and activities inside and outside the class-room, bullying others, disobedience of orders, strikes, causing damage to the properties of the Institute and indiscipline and use of unfair means during examinations etc., will constitute acts of indiscipline and students found indulging in such acts of indiscipline are liable to punishment by fine in cash, marks, suspension or even expulsion from the Institute.


 (5) Students should not bring any non-vegetarian food, alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants inside the campus.

(6) Students wishing to represent any matter to the authorities should do so through their Proctor to the Chief Proctor/Dean of their respective faculty. They should not take law into their own hands but may report grievance(s), if any, to the proper authority for enquiry and action.

(7) Students are required to observe the rules, bye-laws and regulations of the Institute that may be framed from time to time.