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DEI Academic Calendar

The courses will be organised in semesters, each of about 16 working weeks, each with a mid-semester break and an end-semester break.

List of Holidays

The Institute and the Departments would observe working hours as notified from time to time.  Sports, Games, Social Service, Rural Development and Co-curricular Activities, participation in which is compulsory, will be suitably arranged. A student will participate at least once a week in each of these activities.

Session: A session means both the semesters of a session taken together and it includes the period between 1st July to the succeeding 30th June.


  • Odd Semester - July to December

  • Even Semester - January to May  

  • Summer Term (For Post-graduate students only)  - May to July

Summer vacation (40 days) - During May & June (For all except post-graduate students).