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Shri M. Satyanarayana Rao
B.A.,  Retired Deputy Manager,  Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board, Hyderabad
Centre Incharge
Plot No. 5,
Andhra Radhasoami Satsang
Association Colony, Sunkesula Road,
Kurnool - 518 004, AP
Mobile : 08518-8226989; 09490882294
                                                            Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Dress Designing & Tailoring
Motor Vehicle Mechanic (4 Wheeler)
(Only MVM in 2013-14)




      i) Dress Designing & Tailoring  - 13

      ii) Motor Vehicle Mechanic  - 15

     Dress Designing &Tailoring                    

      i)  Mrs. Y. Saraswathi, Mentor

       ii)  Mrs. P. Vasantha Kumari, Facilitator                                                            


      Motor Vehicle Mechanic (4 W)

       Mr. S. Sajjad Zaheer,  Visiting Faculty

The Study Centre, Kurnool was started on Ist Jan. 2008 with two Programmes viz., DD&T and MVM (4W). The DD&T programme has  completed 6 batches while MVM (4 w) 4 batches.  All the students admitted to DD&T have come out successfully without failures. Out of  them 3 to 4 students have opened  self employed shops while showing employment 4 to 5 students each.   The balance students are earning individually while they stay in their houses.  The MVM (4 W) has completed 4 batches.  The students came out successfully are employed in private workshops locally or continued in their original placements