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Visakhapatnam (DAYAL NAGAR)

Mrs T. Rama Sita
Retired Govt.teacher
Centre Incharge
Elementary School and Vocational Training school (A.R.E.S) Dayal Nagar Colony,
Visalakshinagar Post,
Visakhapatnam – 530043, AP
 Mobile - 9949507410
                                                       Centre Number- 0891-2711044
                                                       Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
                                                       ADDITIONAL CONTACTS
                                                      Sri.K.S.Prasada Rao ,Chairman, Managing Committee : 09440326233,
                                                       Sri.V.Dakshinamurty, Member of Managing Committee: 09963340611


Modern Office Management & Secretarial Practice,
Textile Designing & Printing,
Dress Designing & Tailoring,
Motor Vehicle Mechanic (4 Wheeler),
Block Printing – Modular Course
Dress Designing & Tailoring- 19
Textile Designing & Printing-05
Motor Vehicle Mechanic (4 Wheeler)-07
Modern Office Management & Secretarial Practice-05
Modulars in Textiles:
Module I -05
Module II-08
Module III-11
Module IV-09
Dress Designing & Tailoring-   Mrs.A.Radha Kumari
Textile Designing & Printing-   Mrs.V.Jyothi
Electrician-  Mr.B.V.Ramanayya
Motor Vehicle Mechanic (4 Wheeler)-  Mr.M.Ravi Kishore
Modern Office Management & Secretarial Practice-   Mr.V.Dakshinamurty
 PGDT-  Dr.B.V.S.Bhanusree
MBA-  Mrs.A.Sriusha
Modulars in Textiles:
Module I -  Mrs.V.Jyothi
Module II-  Mrs.V.Jyothi
Module III-  Mrs.A.Radha Kumari
 Module IV-  Mrs.A.Radha Kumari

90% of the students in the last batches are on rolls with some Private companies. The local APAC  chapter organizes workshops and train them in communication skills and personality developments and help them for placements. While most of the Electrician, MOM&SP and MVM(4W) students joined private companies, students of DD&T and TD&P mostly housewives are pursuing self employment in stitching petticoats, Printing on saris and Bed sheets etc., The centre is assisting them to hone  up their skills and also extend guidance in Private entrepreneurship.

Timings of the centre varies from course to course to suit the employees and housewives extending from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. throughout the day. Students attend field work in the adjacent vegetable farms every week. Students Participate in community  service  and render assistance to the physically challenged in the schools run by philanthropic  organizations in the vicinity. Centre celebrates all National festivals, Open Day event, Founder’s Day, Annual Day , International Women’s Day and organize workshops, debates and other literary activities besides conducting competitions in sports events. Publicity campaigns are undertaken regularly with the help of local Branch Satsangis