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Bamboo Application Technology

Programme Highlights
  • Eligibility: 7th Pass (Male Only)
  • Medium of Instruction: Hindi
  • Tutorial Classes: Monday to Saturday, 3 hrs a day
  • Duration: 10-weeks
  • Programme Fee: Rs. 750/-

A:   10- Week Modular Course on Bamboo Application Technology

The ten-week modular course entitled Bamboo Application Technology has been designed to generate workforce for the bamboo sector, i.e. bamboo based building, furniture, handicrafts, bamboo-based industries, etc.

The eligibility criteria for this short-term course is 7th pass and the medium of instruction is Hindi. The first Study Centre to host this modular course was Rajaborari, Distt. Harda, Madhya Pradesh, where it was conducted from Jan 1, 2014 onwards.

Students successfully completing the course shall be able to:

  • Identify various types of bamboos with respect to species, age, color, internodes, thickness, harvesting, etc.;
  • Select suitable type of bamboo for various uses like handicrafts, buildings, bridges, industries etc.;
  • Select suitable species for plantations in various climatic zones and for various purposes;
  • Raise a bamboo plantation – planting, management, harvesting etc.
  • Select suitable treatment options for protection against biodegradation of bamboo for various uses;
  • Implement simple craft based works;
  • Collect, record and use traditional and indigenous methods of working with bamboo;
  • Construct simple bamboo structures – both permanent and temporary i.e. tents, pavilions, houses, bridges etc.;
  • Find employment in various bamboo based industries;
  • Setup small scale entrepreneurial unit;
  • Acquire knowledge and skill to manage building and other such projects independently.

Following employment opportunities are envisages for certificate holders in bamboo technology:

  • As a self employed person starting a small scale industry;
  • As a contactor/ supervisor for bamboo building, structures etc;
  • As an employee in the several bamboo based industries like Bamboo ply & boards, flooring, roofing, furniture, etc  in the country;
  • As a teacher;
  • As a social worker;
  • As an employee in the disaster management organizations i.e. NGO , government agencies , International organizations;
  • As an employee with various State Bamboo Missions across the country;
  • As an employee in the Architectural and Interior Design Organization;
  • As a supervisor of various bamboo based products which is a growing market.

Course Code

Course Title

No. of Credit

BT 1

Bamboo & Plantation


BT 2

Treatment & Joining


BT 3

Handicrafts and Furniture


BT 4

Bamboo in Structure and Building


BT 5

Bamboo Based Industries


MCC 141

Indian Culture & World Religions - I


MCC 142

Social Service


Total Credits