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Smt. Lata Rani
M.A. PGDT,DEI, Dayalbagh , Agra
Postgraduate in music, Pryag University , Having Teaching experience in Sanjay Gandhi Mahila college.
Centre Incharge
DEI Study Centre Murar
R.S Primary School
Radhasoami Satsang Sabha
 Garden House Compound,
                                                            Murar,District Buxar, Bihar – 802127
                                                            Mobile : 09934113857
                                                            Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Cutting & Sewing,
Motor Vehicle Mechanic (4 Wheeler),
Welding – Modular Course,
Textile Technology,
Painting - Modular Course,
Dual Course

83(all programmes included)

Motor Vehicle Mechanic (4 Wheeler)-
1.  Mr. Gurmehar Verma, Mentor
2.  Mr. Kamlesh Kumar ,Facilitator
1.  Mr.Gurmehar Verma, Mentor
2.  Mr. Arun Kumar ,Facilitator
3.  Dr. A. K. Mukherji ,DrawingTeacher
Textile Technology-
1.  Mr. S. N. Karan ,Mentor
2.  Mr. Suman Kuma , Facilitator
3.  Prem Pyara Satsangi , Facilitator
Cutting & Sewing and Dual Course-
1.  Mrs Lata Rani,Mentor
2.  Mrs Prem Lata ,Facilitator
3.  Shilpi Kumari, Vsitting  Faculty
Moduler Course- Welding & Painting-
1.  Mr. Gurmehar Verma ,Mentor
 2.  Mr. Anil Kuma ,Facilitator
Core Courses Teacher of all streams:
   Mr. Prem  Pyara  Satsangi

Almost 100%. Students who sought for placement assistance are working in various organizations like Syscom.  Noida, Honda , Mahendra & Mahendra, Dhruv Company etc