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Block Printing

Vocational Courses developed and prepared to professionally upgrade a student for starting their own Small Scale industry in Block Printing.
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Block printing usually involves applying colour on one surface and pressing the colour to another. One can print onto all sorts of surfaces like paper or cloth. The type of colour you choose will depend on what you are printing. Most of the printing methods involve the use of a printing block, but there are many things, which will print just as they need no preparation. Blocks can be made from Wood, Leaf, Potato, Match sticks etc. may be used for printing to give endless variety of patterns. No prior knowledge is required for learning or practising the craft, just a wish to do something extraordinary, a positive attitude is what is required by the student and with a clear mind sky is the limit. A home craft in the beginning with a small investment of 1000/- can be turned into a small scale industry.
Modular Programme on Textiles
Course Code
Course Title
No. Of Credits
Block Printing
MCC 141*
Cultural & Religion - I
MCC 142*
Social Service
Module Title:Block Printing Course No.: MTP 101        Credits: 9
Unit 1
What is Fabric - Synthetic and Natural Fabrics
Unit 2
Historical Background of Block Printing
Unit 3
Block Printing of Different Types
Unit 4
Employment Opportunities
Unit 5
Different types of Dyes for Block Printing
Unit 6
Dyes affinity to Fabrics
Unit 7
Primary Secondary & Tertiary Colours
Unit 8
Preparing your own Colours
Unit 9
How to make designs for Block Printing
Unit 10
Understanding Placements
Unit 11
Tracing and Carving of Blocks
Unit 12
Treatment and Care of Blocks
Unit 13
Tools and equipment for Block printing
Unit 14
Usage of tools and equipment
Unit 15
Preparing the Printing Surface
Unit 16
Preparing pastes, dyes and Colours
Unit 17
Preparing Eco friendly Binder
Unit 18
Sampling different dyes & Materials
Unit 19
Treatment of fabric for printing
Unit 20
Learning to make corners
Unit 21
Learning to put registration marks
Unit 22
Single Colour Printing 1
Unit 23
Single Colour Printing 2
Unit 24
Double Colour Printing 1
Unit 25
Double Colour Printing 2
Unit 26
Multi Colour printing
Unit 27
Treatment of Fabric after Printing
Unit 28
Safety precautions
Unit 29
Doing value addition
Unit 30
Leaning Display Techniques
Course Number: MCC 141
Class: All Modular programmes
Status of Course: CORE, Approved since session: 2012-13
Total Credits:0.5, Min.pds./Module:8
Culture and Civilization, Geographical background and Indian people, Culture and Civilization: Meaning and Significance, Characteristic features of Indian culture, Unity in Diversity
Indian Culture, Cultural Background of the social organization, institutions, Varnashram System, Caste System and their modern form,
Marriage and family, Education system and Institutions, Political Structure, Pre-Vedic period
(a) Meaning of the word ‘Dharm’ and ‘Religion’ Importance and value of Religion in human life (b) Primitive Religious ideas and belief (c) Religion and Science: Faith and reason.
(a) Pre-Vedic ideas of Indus Valley Civilization (b) The Vedic Religion (c) Hinduism (d) Modern Religious Movements.
Suggested Readings-
Institute Publication – Cultural Education
Institute Publication - Comparative Study of Religion
Course Number: MCC 142
Class: All Certificate Level Courses
Status of course: Core, Approved from session: 2012-13
Total Credits: 0.5, Min. Pds./Module: 8
To do cleaning of campus in and around study center and work for all round development of society