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Fabric to Garment

10- Week Modular Course on “Fabric to Garment”
Total credits - 9
EligibilityVIIIth Pass
Course Content
·        Provide information related to fibre and fabric manufacturing and finishing of fabrics.
·        Provide skill of identifying fibres and fabrics.
·        Impart basic knowledge for designing garments.
·         Learning to calculate the amount of material required for different garments.
·         Learning calculation details for accurate costing of various garments.
·        Advanced stitching skills like designing the waistline, providing fullness to garments.
·         Learning  stitching skills for a few garments.
·        Drafting, cutting and stitching of churidar, salwar, ladies’ blouse.
·        Sewing of boys’ garments like shorts, shirts and pants.
  • Knowing the technique of Quilting and preparing items using it.
  • Knowing the basics precautions and desired working style for any garment related industry.