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Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery (Download Prospectus)

Module Title – Hand Embroidery              
Course Number: MGE 101 
Credits: 9
Unit -1
Importance of hand Embroidery.
Unit -2
Selection of appropriate tools, equipments, fabric, colour, threads, motives for embroidery.
Uses of Basic and decorative embroidery stitches.
Unit -4
Different methods of transferring a design on fabric.
Unit -5
Safety precautions while carrying embroidery. Handling and storage of embroidered article.
Unit -6
Learning to use and handle tools and equipments of embroidery
Unit -7
Techniques of machine embroidery.
Unit -8
Learning basic stitches like stem stitch, satin stitch, chain stitch. Herringbone stitch, lazy daisy, buttonhole stitch etc.
Unit -9
Designing floral, geometrical, human, animal and other designs using basic stitches.
Unit -10
Preparing an article of household use with at least 5 basic embroidery stitches on it.
Unit -11
Decorative stitches of embroidery- Bullion stitch, French knot, Spider stitch, Romanian stitch, Feather stitch etc.
Unit -12
Learning a few traditional embroidery stitches like  Chikankari,  Kantha,, Kasuti, Kashidakari.
Unit -13
Learning a few traditional embroidery stitches like Sindhi Taropa, Mirror attaching,  Phulkari,  Zardozi , 
Unit -14
Learning to do Smocking  and Patch work.
Unit -15
Preparing any household useful article using various decorative embroidery stitches.