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Screen Printing

Vocational Courses developed and prepared to professionally upgrade a student for starting their own Small Scale industry in Screen Printing.

Screen Printing (Download Prospectus)

Screen-printing is the sort of hobby that can easily be developed into a business, as there will always be a market for exclusive stuff. And besides selling the fabric, there is also the potential for designing and making up items such as Banners, Cards, Posters, Key Chains clothing, bed linen, table linen, and soft furnishings etc. Apart from the opportunity to make money while still being at home, working with innovative styles and ideas with colours and fabric is so fascinating and satisfying, scanning through magazines and books for new ideas, or devising new ways of overcoming design or printing problems. The creative challenge of screen-printing seems never-ending, a vocational knowledge gained in just 10 weeks can pay dividends and go a long way to satisfy the inner creative urge and at the same time earn pocket money from the home craft which can be turned into a small scale industry.



Module Title:  Screen Printing
Course No.: MTP 103                       
Credits: 09
Unit 1
Introduction to Screen Printing
Unit 2
Historical Background
Unit 3
Employment Opportunities
Unit 4
Safety Hazards, Preventive Measures & Precautions
Unit 5
Tools & Equipment for Screen Printing
Unit 6
Products for Screen Printing
Unit 7
Preparation of Printing Surfaces
Unit 8
To Avoid Difficult Joints
Unit 9
Primary Secondary & Tertiary Colours
Unit 10
Preparing Colours
Unit 11
Bolting Cloth for different Printings
Unit 12
Printing Base
Unit 13
Preparing the Fabric
Unit 14
Putting Registration Marks
Unit 15
Border repeated to create an all over Design
Unit 16
Cleaning the Screen
Unit 17
Heat Setting the printed cloth
Unit 18
Making Binder Paste
Unit 19
Prepare Screen by Paper cut
Unit 20
Printing by Direct Process
Unit 21
Making Screen with Enamel Process
Unit 22
Printing with Pigment Colours
Unit 23
Preparation of Negative by Photographic method
Unit 24
Putting Bolting and making screen for Photographic
Unit 25
Exposing & Developing screen by sunlight & Exposing Table
Unit 26
Making screens using Pigment paper
Unit 27
Printing with Photographic method
Unit 28
Printing on Cloth
Unit 29
Cleaning the Screen
Unit 30