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Sewing Operations

Sewing Operations (Download Prospectus)

Course Code
Course Title
No.of Credits
 MGS 101
Sewing Operations
MCC 341*
Culture & Religion - I
MCC 342*
Social Service

*Institute Core courses

Module I  Title – Sewing Operations
Course Number: MGS 101 
Credits: 9


Unit -1
An introduction to parts of sewing machine and handling of the Sewing machine. Care and maintenance of sewing machine.
Unit -2
Introducing Terminology of garment making- Warp, weft, grain line, on-grain, off-grain, selvedge, bias (true and false), layout, marking and cutting, seams, fasteners.
Unit -3
Learning to measure figure accurately using the measuring tape. Proper usage of scale, French curve and other stitching and cutting tools.
Unit -4
Permanent Basic Seams - plain, run and fell, French, top seam, slot seam.  Finishing neck using facing, piping.   Stitching on curves and making corners.
Unit -5
Proper finishing and costing of garments. Safety precautions while pattern making and Stitching
Unit -6
Learning Functional stitches by hand - basting, tacking, running stitch, hem stitch, slip stitch. Learning to attach fasteners - Hook and eye, Button and button hole, Push buttons,
Learning to prepare plain dart, french dart, contour dart, plain tuck, pin tuck, gathers, pleats and inserting elastic.
Unit -7
Drafting, cutting and stitching of baby suit/ jhabla with bloomer
Unit -8
Preparation of child basic bodice block and sleeve block of any one size between 2 to10 years.
 Drafting, Cutting and Stitching of baby Frock (Umbrella cut with megayar sleeve).
Unit -9
Drafting,  Cutting and Stitching of Night Suit (top with yoke and payjama)
Unit -10
Drafting, Cutting and Stitching of Shirt and Kurta.
Unit -11
Preparing  basic block, sleeve block and skirt block as per measurements for an adult
Unit -12
Adaptation of bodice block for kurti or kameez   as per measurements.
Layout, Cutting and Stitching of Kurti or kameez. Drafting, Cutting and Stitching of Salwar. 
Unit -13
Adaptation of basic block to night wears (with yoke). Layout and Cutting as well as stitching the night wear.
Unit -14
Adaptation of basic block to House coat. Layout and Cutting as well as stitching the House coat.
Unit -15
Drafting, Cutting and Stitching of any one Skirt (Pleated/ Flared/ Gathered) or a Trousers/ Bermuda for a teen.


Course Number: MCC 341,
Course Title: Cultural Education & Religion - III
Class: All Modular programmes
Status of Course: CORE, Approved since session: 2012-13
Total Credits:0.5, Min.pds./Module:8
Marriage and family, Education system and Institutions,
Political Structure, Pre-Vedic period
(a) Theistic and Non Theistic philosphies
(b) Jainism (c) Buddhism. (a) Zoroastrianism (b) Judaism
(c) Christianity (d) Islam and Sufism.
Suggested Readings-
Institute Publication – Cultural Education
Institute Publication - Comparative Study of Religion
Course Number: MCC 342
Class: All Certificate Level Courses
Status of course: Core, Approved from session: 2012-13
Total Credits: 0.5, Min. Pds./Module: 8
To do cleaning of campus in and around study center and work for all round development of society