About eDEIwww.education

Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI) is all set to embark on fully online delivery of Certificate Courses, Diplomas and Degree programmes through e-DEI-World Wide Web (Not for profit) or eDEIwww.education. Each program is divided as modules of 2-3 courses with 9 weeks duration. The modules are administered in an online format involving standard web-based delivery components as well as a unique aspect of online consulting and discussion forums through audio and video conferencing. A student will enrol for a module or a program and after completing the requirements for the module or the program will be awarded a module or program completion certificate.

The subjects for certificate programmes will range from common soft skills to highly demanded management to contemporary nano technology and esoteric consciousness studies. Gradually the programmes will include Diplomas and Degrees in Management, Computer Science and Engineering. For these programmes, Personal Contact Modules will be organized for the students of the professional programmes so that a unique experience is created.

Programmes offered:

  1. Post Graduate Certificate in Financial Services (PGCFS)     Download Prospectus here

Proposed Programs 

  1. Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Data analysis
  2. Post Graduate Certificate in Introduction to Data Analytics
  3. Post Graduate Certificate in Human Rights and Gender Sensitization
  4. Post Graduate Certificate in Achievement Orientation for Career Progression
  5. Certificate in Employability Skills
  6. Certificate in Fundamentals of Mathematics
  7. Certificate in Skills for Managing Small Business

 Development of Online Course Resources

  1. MBA
  2. M.Phil in Home Science
  3. M.Phil in Journalism and Mass Communication
  4. BA (Economics)
  5. BBA (Hons.)
  6. B.Com (Hons.)
  7. B.Tech (part-time)


Note: All Eligible Candidates are being considered for the DEI Admissions 2022-23 based on the merit as per our Academic calendar.