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The Beginning....

The Central Library was established in the 1984-85 session by merging the reading material of the Arts, Science, and Engineering faculties (until 2000-01) and afterwards the Social Science faculty.
The D. E. I. Libraries now have about 1.83 lac books on various subjects viz., Hindi, Sanskrit, English Language and Literature, Music, Drawing and Painting, Home Science, Arts and Crafts, Performing Arts, Religion and Theology, Economics, Management, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Engineering, Education and Commerce etc.It is subscribing 86 journals of national and international repute, along with magazines and newspapers for general reading.
The library also houses rich reference Collection viz., Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Americana, Specific Subject Encyclopedias, Year Books, Atlases and other reference material.
Central Library holdings also include dissertations, doctoral theses and project reports on various subjects.
Besides these, the Library is also equipped with the latest e-journals by the e-ShodhSindhu Digital Library Consortium, accessible through campus-wide LAN. The library also provides access to Internet as well as CD/DVD based electronic resources.

Books are Keys to wisdom’s treasure.
Books are gates to land of pleasure.
Books are paths to upward lead.
Books are Friends, come let us read.                             
                                   - Emilie Poulsson


The Central Library, DEI is primarily meant for bonafide students, faculty & members of the staff of Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Dayalbagh, Agra. The outsiders from other University / College  / Institution may be allowed only with the written prior permission of the Librarian for a limited period. They shall, however, have to consult the documents within the premises of the library.

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