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Assets Created

The volunteers while participating in the NSS activities had a firsthand experience of life in slums and villages. The misery of the slum dwellers moved everyone .They witnessed their culture, hardships because of illiteracy and ignorance, their exploitation, prevalent wrong practices/customs, health and financial problems, miserable conditions and other social problems.

Having witnessed all this they developed a deep sense of sympathy, concern and responsibility towards these people. They realized what difference education can bring in the lives of people. While participating in various activities they learnt to work in a group, picked up organizational/leadership skills, realized the strength of unity, gained understanding of a number of social issues, learnt how different the world is in comparison to the confines of their home and well protected life, their duties toward their fellow citizens, human values, and oneness of mankind. They experienced the happiness and the contentment in rendering selfless service to mankind. They realized Brotherhood of Humankind and Fatherhood of God. Thus all this got ingrained in their personality and all this got into the making of better citizens of the country and the world which is the biggest asset.

DEI’s Educational System is unique in the country which aims at evolving a “Complete Person”. NSS has been implemented right from the inception of the University and it has remained as one of the core courses of DEI University which every undergraduate undergoes regardless of his programme/stream.