Foundation of D.E.I. Prem Vidyalaya Girls’Intermediate College Dayalbagh, the centre of Radhasoami Satsang was in favour of women education from the very beginning. The founder of Dayalbagh, Param Guru Huzur Sahabji Maharaj very clearly reveals this in the beginning of His play ‘Swarajya’- " It is really the women on whom rests the mental moral and spiritual development of the coming generation. We understand very well that as long as girls are not properly brought up and their education is not properly arranged, the Satsang community cannot progress as much as we want....... progress of India mainly depends on women. I wish the Satsangis pay special attention to this matter and make proper arrangements for the education of their daughters and sisters."
His Holiness Sir Sahabji Maharaj founded Prem Vidyalaya on 8 July 1930 as a middle school with 37 girls students to exonerate the curse of illiteracy and to set an ideal of female education in the country. 

Milestones in History
The United Province, seeing the progress of Prem Vidyalaya, graciously granted the permission for the expansion of the middle school to High School in 1934 and later Intermediate level in 1939. Prem Vidyalaya was visited by many august dignitaries who praised the ideals and quality education of the institution. Miss S.M. Khan, Officiating Inspectress of Girls Schools (1934) was so impressed by the school that she called it ‘A FAIRY LAND OF EDUCATION’ and wished for its four-fold progress.

Administrative and academic control of the college was assigned to the Dayalbagh Educational Institute (Deemed University) by the State Government of Uttar Pradesh in the year 1995.Thereafter the institution took a progressive leap with introduction of new courses to broaden and stimulate the intellect of the students and providing them with a professional beginning. 

Prem Vidyalaya shifted to DEI Convocation Hall Complex in 1998

Value Based Quality Education
Prem Vidyalaya, is one institution that offers a platform for the multidimensional growth of the student by providing accessible, affordable and a value-based quality education programmesthrough a unique blend of curricular, experiential, and work based learning structure. This holistic development will prepare them for service to the society and to face challenges of life with vigour, courage and confidence.

The school offers Arts and Science at High School level and Arts, Commerce and Science at the Intermediate level. The academic portfolio and educational model perfectly aligns itself with the shifting needs of the global society. The courses are continuously updated for the betterment of the educational system. Vocational Courses in Garment Making and Textile Designing are included at the High School and Intermediate level to strengthen the professional skills. To create awareness and a sense of respect for our culture, heritage and values - Comparative Studies of Religion and Cultural Education are introduced in the classes. Environmental Studies is taught to create and spread environmental awareness by sustaining an eco-friendly campus. Self-defence training is also introduced as a part of Sports activity

In 2017, Prem Vidyalaya received sanctions for 'Fold Scope Project' which encourages scientific curiosity and learning among students. To encourage scientific creativity 'Atal Tinkering Lab' has been established in 2018.We are also able to organise Olympiads, Winter Camps and Dairy Training Courses with the cooperation of D.E.I. 

Students working in ATL Lab and Fold Scope Project.

Winter Camp Activities of PV students

The students of Prem Vidyalaya are participating in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities enthusiastically. They are ready to take on challenges and be leaders by continuously learning the qualities of hard work, sincerity, management, creativity skills, cognitive aptitude and scientific thinking in a competitive environment. The D.E.I. management stands shoulder to shoulder with the school in its functioning. Together, we envision to empower women with value based quality education, humanism, professionalism and social responsibility based on the love of God and the service of mankind as a foundation for the evolution of a ‘Complete Man.’ 

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