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As a part of erstwhile REI Degree College, Commerce faculty has the honour of the oldest faculty of Dayalbagh Educational Institute (Deemed University). B.Com Education in Dayalbagh started in 1947. The faculty with two departments; Applied Business Economics and Accountancy and Law, is catering to the needs of ever growing economic setting of the country since its inception.

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Department of Accountancy & Law

The nucleus of commerce education is the accounting and financial analysis and modeling of real life decision situations. Department of Accountancy & Law cater exactly to this ever growing area under the aegis of Faculty of commerce.

Department of Applied Business Economics

To impart relevant quality education considering the present day needs, the department offers various work based vocational courses in the area of Tax Planning and Management, Computer Applications in Accounting etc.

Faculty Profiles

Research Projects

Three major research projects have been sanctioned by UGC and some more proposals are submitted for approval. In the time to come, Commerce faculty will continue to move on consistent growth path and provide the updated theoretical and practical knowledge to its students and scholars.

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