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It is rightly stated by Revered Professor  Dr. M.B.Lal Sahab, Founder Director, DEI

“We should try  to see that modern trends  become only supplements and not substitutes of  our basic concepts of education. We do not like  to put the clock back but would certainly do well to introduce a more human and realistic approach in education to meet the present day needs of our society.”

The origin of the Faculty of Education, Dayalbagh Educational Institute can be traced back to the setting up of the Women's Training College, Dayalbagh in 1947 which was a premier institution of women's teacher education in Northern India. With the establishment of DEI (Deemed University) in 1981, the Faculty of Education came into existence through the merger of the Department of Education of the Radhasoami Educational Institute and the Women's Training College.

The Faculty aims at preparing dedicated, skilled, knowledgeable and creative quality teachers possessing high standards of professional ethics to stand up to the evolving demands of the educational system and the society at large. The Faculty also aims at preparing quality teacher educators who perform complex duties ranging from effective classroom teaching to moulding the value system of pupils and undertaking administrative responsibilities with sincerity. It thus prepares teacher educators and researchers to play a leading role in their profession.

The faculty of education has two departments,

1.       Department of Pedagogical Sciences

2.       Foundations of Education

Both the departments are working synergically in the preparation of young, aspirant, highly qualified & value inculcated teachers & teacher educators


Message from the Dean, Prof. Archana Kapoor :

As the Dean my vision for the Faculty of Education is guided by the broader Vision 2031 of the Dayalbagh Educational Institute. I visualize it as an international hub of repute in creative, experiential and transformative pedagogies to be recognized as a Centre for Excellence in Teacher Education, preparing dedicated, skilled and creative quality teachers possessing high standards of ethics and values to meet the evolving demands of the educational system and the society at large. Students entering Faculty of Education (FoE) will, therefore, find a competitive but compassionate environment in which every student is taken seriously and prepared to excel as a professional in any part of the world.

In the pursuit of wider reach and accessibility coupled with quality education the Faculty has adopted a blended teaching and learning model which provides a mix of hybrid learning opportunities for pupil teachers so as to widen the coverage for grooming quality teachers. The online mode will expose the discerning students to explore wider horizons and the face to face mode will fill the gap in understanding as well as add to it.

The Faculty aims to nurture teachers who are technologically inclined as well as culturally and philosophically grounded and, therefore, are able to respond to the rapidly changing and challenging teaching environment in schools. The Faculty prepares educational professionals who come after Higher Secondary and Graduation from various disciplines for D.El.Ed.(Diploma in Elementary Education) and B.Ed.(Bachelor of Education) respectively which are needed for becoming fully qualified and professionally registered teachers. Also, for a student passionate about diving deeper, the Faculty of Education is the right place to be.

The programmesoffered allow a B.Ed. trainee to pursue M.Ed., M.Phil, Ph.D. and PDF in their field of specialization. Like the University graduates in other disciplines, teachers and teacher Educators from our Faculty find employment easily as they are well-prepared professionally with a sound anchorage in core values of the Institute and the Faculty. They are adaptable, can extend their knowledge to cope with changing curricula and societal needs and are creative and confident. The Faculty of Education at DayalbaghEducational Institute is the Faculty of choice for aspiring educators with a passion for learning and making a difference.



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