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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Vision of the Institute:

To provide education, more education, education made perfect, which is the only “panacea for our country’s ills and evils”. DEI aims to serve as an exemplary model of education, covering the entire spectrum of knowledge and wisdom, to selflessly serve mankind by evolving a race of supermen, who possess the virtues to resolve the grave global challenges and establish a more humane and enlightened society.

Mission of the Institute:

The mission objective of DEI is to provide value-based, comprehensive and inter-disciplinary education to evolve a ‘complete person’, i.e., a well-rounded total quality person, whose hallmarks are intellectual strength, emotional maturity, truthfulness, simple living, high moral character, scientific temper, general awareness, interdisciplinary outlook and one who discharges duties and obligations and is capable of giving a fuller response to social and environmental challenges.

Vision of the Department:

To rank among the top ten Mechanical Engineering departments in the country renowned for excellence in teaching & research in the Mechanical Engineering discipline with due emphasis on its relevance to contemporary societal needs.

Mission of the Department:

The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to educate, inspire and mould students into total quality persons who contribute to nation building, by creating a conducive departmental environment for their intellectual, creative and ethical development through faculty mentoring guided by research in focal areas compatible with societal needs. 

About the Department:

The Department supports Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate and Doctoral Programmes. At the UG and PG levels a broad-based course structure enables the students to acquire core competence and specialization in the fields of Industrial & Production Engineering, Thermal Engineering, and Design Engineering by way of core courses, electives, and focused projects. The excellent performance of the students in competitive examinations including the GATE, CAT, and GRE is a strong pointer to the quality of  the broad-based education imparted. 

An innovative and unique M. Tech. Programme in "Engineering Systems" is  jointly conducted with the Electrical Engineering Department. The programme is designed to inculcate in the students the 'Systems' way of thinking. Development of such a systemic viewpoint enriches the mindset of the students to address real life problems in a holistic manner.

At the research level, the department has  a prominent presence in the following diverse fields of Mechanical Engineering: Flexible, Virtual Cellular & Lean Manufacturing Systems, Supply Chain Management, Intelligent & Additive Manufacturing, Energy Systems, and Bio-Medical Engineering.






Prof. R. Caprihan



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