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Postgraduate Programme

M.Tech. in Engineering Systems

The Faculty offers M.Tech. (Engineering Systems) a Master's Programme in Engineering Systems which is designed to inculcate in the students the 'Systems Thinking and Systems Approach'. Engineering Systems is the latest and emerging potential tool which takes under its ambit all fields viz. Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science, Mechanical, Aeronautics, Productions and Industrial Engineering. It takes real world problems and provides solutions to the most burning problems of our country/world. Systems approach integrates analysis and synthesis. It encompasses both the holistic and modular view, groups the systems and its details at many levels and makes the complex system more tractable. Systems consciousness will certainly foster the notion that the universe is a whole, human being is an integrated being, and there is interconnectedness at every step. Thus developing systems consciousness and systems thinking is cardinal for engineers because they once dealt primarily with immediate issues, but owing to the changing needs of time, are now responsible for addressing large and complex socio-technological problems. The M.Tech. programme consists of courses like Applied Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Modeling and Simulation, Instrumentation and Process Control etc. which are essential in the present day scenario of any branches of engineering. The electives include Quantum Computing, Nano Computing, Fuzzy Systems, Computer Networks, Neural Networks, Operations Research, Management Information Systems, VLSI, Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Microwave Engineering, High Voltage DC Transmission, Microprocessor based System Design, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Functional Design of Computers, System Optimization using EAs, DSP II, Stochastic Processes, Total Quality Management, Industrial Kinesiology, Statistical Quality Control, Automated Manufacturing Systems, Operations Research & Decision Theory, Integrated Supply Chain Management, Work Science, Biomedical Engineering, Micro- Electro- Mechanical Systems, Energy Management Systems etc. to name just a few.

In addition, a number of electives, seminars, Minor Projects, and Dissertation are offered leading to specialization in various branches of Engineering.

Courses Offered

Total Intake

Duration of the course in Semesters


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Even Semester


M.Tech.( Full Time) 30  4 + Summer Term
M.Tech.  (Part Time) 13  7 + Summer Term(s)


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