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Novel Features

  • Value Oriented Education System: To evolve a "complete man" with well-rounded  personality.

  • Design Oriented Teaching: To emphasize design methodology and practical design process by including several project courses.

  • Exposure to Practical Field: Curriculum includes Practical Training, Industrial visits, Work Experience Courses, and Major projects.

  • Unique Engineering Curriculum: Includes the following compulsory  core courses in addition to main-stream courses:

    • Work Experience Courses: To impart practical training to develop skills and generate a spirit of self-reliance.

    • Social Service: To engender a spirit of brotherhood of man and to facilitate the establishment of a casteless society (the students need to compulsorily attend a ten-day special outdoor NSS camp).

    • Co-curricular Activities: Cultural & Literary activities, Games, and Sports for an all-round development of personality.

    • Agricultural Operations: To promote dignity of labour, engender a pride for soiled hands, and kindle a concern for the environment.

    • Inter-faculty Half-Courses: To further the cause of integrated education and to complement and support the major subjects.

    • Comparative Study of Religion: To  ingrain religious tolerance, humanism and secularism in a world of discord, fear and suspicion.

    • Scientific Methodology, General Knowledge & Current Affairs: To nurture a scientific temper and get acquainted with contemporary developments.

    • Agricultural Engineering: To acquaint students with  contemporary agricultural tools and techniques keeping in view the country's primary agrarian moorings.

  • Continuous Syllabus Up-gradation: Through annual Board(s) of Studies/Academic Council meetings to update the curriculum in line with emerging technologies.

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