Prof. Man Mohan Agarwal
Educational Qualification - B. E. (Electrical Engg.),  M. E.,   Ph. D
Area of Specialization - Electrical Machines & Drives , Power System
Department of Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Dayalbagh Educational Institute (Deemed University)
Dayalbagh, AGRA - 282005  (UP), India  
Tel: 0562-6548399
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Dr. Man Mohan is a Professor in Electrical Engineering Department with 20 years of experience in teaching and research. He teaches Electrical Machines, Power Electronics and Drives. His reaserch interests include Electrical load forecasting and Electrical Machine Design.He has published several papers in national and international journals.

Research Area:

Load forecasting in power system by Generalized Neuron Model


University Gold medal from University of Roorkee (Now IIT Roorkee)

Selected Publications :

1. Bhim Singh, Man Mohan, S. P. Srivastava, ‘Microcomputer controlled starting scheme for load commutated inverter fed cage Induction motor drive’, I.E.(India), vol-76,May 1995, pp23-27.

2. Bhim Singh, Man Mohan, S. P. Srivastava,  ‘Microprocessor based starting and speed control of Dc link commutated Inverter fed cage induction motor drive’, Journal of IETE, vol 12,No.2, March 1995,pp107-117.

3. Bhim singh, Man Mohan, S. P. Srivastava,  ‘Experimental Investigations on starting of Inverter fed cage motor, International Journal of Electrical machines and power systems’, vol 23, 1995, issue-2.

4. D. K. Chaturvedi, Man Mohan, R.K. Singh,  P.K.Kalra ‘ Improved generalized Neuron model for short term load forecasting, International journal of soft computing’, springer-verlag 2003, pp.10-18.

5.Man Mohan, D.K. Chatudedi, A.K.Saxena, P.K. Kalra, ‘Short term load forecasting by Generalized neuron model’, I.E. (India), vol 83, Sept 2002, pp. 87-91.

6.Man Mohan, D.K.Chaturvedi, P.S.Satsangi, P.K.Kalra,’Neuro-fuzzy approach for development of new neuron model’, International journal of soft computing’, springer-verlag 2003, pp.19-27.

7.Man Mohan ‘An Overview on amorphous core transformers, Journal of emerging trends in engineering and applied sciences (JETEAS)’, 3(2): pp.217-220, 2012,(ISSN:2141-7016).

8. C.Radhacharan, Manmohan,’Non-adaptive Generalised neuron model for short-term load forecasting with error functions’, GESJ-computer science and telecommunication, No.3(26),2010. (ISSN:1512-1232)

9.  Velide Srinath, Mamohan  and D.K.Chaturvedi, “A Multilevel Inverter System for an Induction Motor with Open-Ended Windings”, published in International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA) Vol.163, Num.10, 6-13PP, April 2017 Edition. ISSN 0975-8887

10.Velide Srinath, Mamohan  and D.K.Chaturvedi “A New Three-phase Three-level PWM Inverter Fed Induction Motor and Transformer” presented at IEEE Sponsored 41 st National System Conference at Dayalbagh Educational Institute , Dayalbagh Agra on 1-3 Dec, 2017.(Received Best Paper Award).

11.Velide Srinath, Mamohan  and D.K.Chaturvedi, “Design and Simulation of a Single Phase SHE PWM Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drive using Generalized Hopfield Neural Network” at first International conference on Sustainable Technologies for Computational Intelligence at Sri Balaji College of Engg & Tech., Jaipur, from 29-30 March 2019, pp-515-526, Proceedings of ICTSCI 2019 publication due on December 14, 2019 ISBN 978-981-15-0028-2.

Ph.D. supervised

1. Rahul Umrao, ‘Load frequency control usind fuzzy systems and evolutionary algorithms’, 2013.

2.Mayank Pratap Singh,’Parameter estimation of three phase induction motor-an innovative approach,2016.

3.Tanveer Qamar,’Inverted pendulum control using soft computing techniques’,2016

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